Celebrity Roundup: May 25, 2012

By Sam Lansky 05/25/12

Dr. House gets strung out on heroin in finale, Teen Mom's Amber Portwood wants jail, and "dreamboat" Lane Garrison goes to AA as part of his domestic violence case.

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The long-running medical drama House saw its titular doctor, played by British actor Hugh Laurie, taking an extraordinary amount of drugs; the show continued down that path with its final episode, which aired this week. The finale featured Dr. House strung out on heroin in a burning building, yet somehow managing to escape to fake his own death—a storyline which, we hate to say, kinda strains plausibility.

Troubled star of MTV’s Teen Mom Amber Portwood has had a spectacular number of legal foibles over the last several years, from domestic violence charges to drug infractions—and now, she says, she’s had enough with the drug court system that's meant to help keep her out of jail. In court Thursday, she told the judge that she hasn’t been staying clean, calling herself a “bad girl”—and that she’d prefer a prison sentence to her court-mandated abstinence. We’ll see how she feels after a few days in the pokey.

Teen dreamboat Lane Garrison has been in the headlines lately for domestic violence accusations lobbied against him by his girlfriend, Ashley Mattingly, which saw him charged with battery for the incident. This follows his 2007 arrest for vehicular manslaughter and DUI, when he had cocaine in his system and a BAC level at twice the legal limit. Now, his lawyers have committed that Harrison will attend AA while he’s out on bail awaiting trial later this summer.

The ultra-strong anesthetic Propofol entered common parlance when it played a significant role in the death of Michael Jackson—and now, it’s set to get a lot more use in the state of Missouri, where the Department of Corrections has announced its intention to switch over to the use of propofol as the sole drug used in lethal injections. The drug's deadly credentials are certainly well-established.

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