And the Biggest Beer-Drinking State Is...

By McCarton Ackerman 12/03/12

Does your state swill enough beer to make this list of America's top 10?

These states mean it. Photo via

Although overall beer-drinking rates have fallen slightly in the US over the last three years, certain parts of the country can't be accused of a want of trying. The Beer Institute has produced its annual list of the 10 states where the most beer is sold per capita. Unsurprisingly, the list also matches up with states that have the most heavy and binge drinkers. Here's the rundown of 10 states to make Homer Simpson proud:

10. Delaware (34.3 gallons per person per year): The First State cracks the top 10 largely due to its lack of sales tax, which draws out-of-staters. 

9. Nebraska (34.6 gallons): Hampered, in contrast, by a high tax rate on alcohol, Nebraskan drinkers still make the list.

8. Texas (34.6 gallons): Everything's bigger in Texas—including the proportion of binge and heavy drinkers, at nearly 26%.

7. Vermont (34.7 gallons): Takes the "Most Improved" award, with total alcohol consumption up seven percent last year.

6. Wisconsin (36.2 gallons): With breweries galore and frigid temperatures, perhaps it's no surprise that a quarter of residents are binge drinkers.

5. Nevada (36.5 gallons): Beer drinking has actually fallen by more than 17% here since 2003. But Sin City remains a huge driver.

4. South Dakota (38 gallons): What is it about the North?

3. Montana (40.6 gallons): Few restrictions on sales, low taxes and another northern location help take the bronze. 

2. North Dakota (42.2 gallons): The state's recent oil boom has drawn plenty of young men looking for work. They seem to like drinking beer.

1. New Hampshire (43 gallons): Low taxes lure out-of-staters to Live free or die. Or possibly both at this rate.

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