Bear Breaks Into Florida Home to Steal Beer

By Bryan Le 07/24/14

Instead of picnic baskets and honey, this bear was in search of brew and piña coladas.

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In one of the more bizarre stories to recently go viral, a small, but still frightening bear broke into the pool deck of a Central Florida home Tuesday night searching for beer for the second time in a week. While the bear left empty-pawed in this second raid, the first time around it emptied the mini-fridge, and bit holes in beers and cocktail mixers to get at the drink inside.

After the first raid, homeowner Lisa had a camera at the ready lest the beer-hungry bear stuck again. Her preparedness paid off as the bear came back and went straight to the beer mini-fridge. But the bear then saw her taking photos from behind her clear sliding door, it became distracted from its booze run and slapped at the glass with its paw.

The bear refused to leave and, according to Lisa, "banged on the glass, then looked her in the eye, as if to say, 'I'm here, and I'm not leaving.'" She shut off the lights and left in fear the bear would hit the glass harder if she stayed. While bear sightings are not uncommon in Lake Mary, FL, one who demonstrated persistence in scrounging for booze made Lisa fear the worst.

Later, she returned to find the bear had left, but this time did not take anything from the fridge. It is unknown why the bear didn't take the drinks the second time.

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