Jail-Bound Beanie Siegel Arrested on Drug, Gun Rap

By Jeff Deeney 08/29/12

The ex-Roc-A-Fella Records rapper is busted with pills and codeine cough syrup, weeks before he's set to go to prison for tax evasion.

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It seems like Philly rapper Beanie Sigel hasn’t been able to catch a break since that murder rap he beat back in 2005. He violated probation in 2008 when he got busted giving a fake urine sample to his probation officer, after repeatedly testing positive for pills, and was recently convicted for dodging the Tax Man. Now, Sigel’s been popped again—this time for possessing a gun, pills and codeine cough syrup after a late-night traffic stop just outside Philadelphia. Sigel has rapped about his love of pharmaceuticals—particularly Percocet and the hustler-beloved “pancakes and syrup” combination of Xanax and codeine cough medicine. The Fix previously reported on the dealer’s drugs of choice: Biggie’s admonition to "never get high on your own supply” holds true for those selling “hard drugs” like crack and heroin, but benzos, pain pills, codeine syrup, PCP and mega-powered specialty weed are seen as fair game. Beanie’s new album just dropped yesterday, so it’s unclear whether he was out partying to celebrate, or just preparing to surrender himself to the Feds on September 12 to do two years in prison for tax evasion.

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