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By Adam K. Raymond 04/20/11

Wiz Khalifa Doesn't Smoke Other People’s.

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Wiz Khalifa loves his weed. His entire persona is built on it. His latest album is entitled Rolling Papers, he's copped to spending 10 grand a month on pot, and he's planning to become one half of a 21st century Cheech and Chong when he releases a stoner comedy with Snoop Dogg later this year. But even Wiz, a man who admits that the very first thing he does in the morning is get baked, won't accept weed from his adoring fans. And they offer it up in droves. In a recent interview with, Wiz said that fans regularly hurl bags of greenery on to the stage. "I don't usually smoke the fan weed. I accept it as a gift and pass it on to somebody else."

Wiz has previously said that he never tries to push weed on anyone else, his fans included. "I don't say, 'Yo, get up and do that.' I said that's what I do, and I tell you what I do while I'm doing it. I'm not trying to push drugs on anybody," the rapper told MTV last year . Still, it's hard to believe Wiz's fans won't feel a pull toward pot given his constant celebration of it. And just in case they need a little help getting initiated, Wiz has his own line of rolling papers to help them along the way.

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