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By The Fix staff 08/05/15

Solutions offers a "Break Free Plan" which is designed to fill in the gaps left by traditional recovery programs.

Solutions Residence
Location : Delray Beach, FL
Phone : (800) 476-1801
Price : $28,500 per 30 days
Overall :
Accommodations :
Treatment :
Food :
Insurance : Yes
Detox : Yes

Located in sunny Florida, Solutions provides a relatively affordable luxury rehab experience, offering help for alcohol and drug addiction complete with upscale accommodations, individualized therapies and an overall comforting rehab experience.

Costing less than $30k per month, Solutions offers both shared and private rooms in houses that offer well-appointed living rooms, contemporary kitchens and flat screen tv's. The cost includes travel to the facility, room and board, but not some personal costs that may arise such as money for personal sundries, or an occasional movie or coffee on an evening out. There are separate men's and women's facilities, with the men's house housing up to 24 clients at a time and the women's facility housing up to 10 women at a time. Stays range from 30-90 days, depending on the individual needs of the client as assessed by the staff. There is also outpatient and aftercare available.

Solutions offers its own "Break Free Plan" which is designed to fill in the gaps left by traditional recovery programs, providing more than just individualized and group counseling, 12-step meeting attendance and involvement and other therapies. Solutions' "facilitators will assist in the family reintegration, introduction to recovery mentors and mutual support groups as well as an aftercare therapist when appropriate." The idea is to help recovery after the client leaves the facility. After all, it's easy to stay sober within a treatment program, but once home, the real challenge begins.

A wide range of reasons for choosing to go to Solutions was given according to our recent survey of alumni. Most, however, said the things that mattered most when choosing a rehab were treatment quality, amenities, and whether or not their insurance would cover it. One respondent noted that what really mattered was, "I needed my cell phone and laptop for work," so he found a place with liberal policies on such things. As a matter of fact, after therapies are finished at 3 pm weekdays, you are free to use your cell phone or laptop as you wish.

When surveyed, former residents described the people they were in treatment in a variety of ways. "I was in treatment with people of all ages, race, income, occupation. But it didn't stop Solutions from bringing us all together." Another said, "Very wealthy mixed with other clients who came straight from prison." "It was a very diverse population but...we all got along and had at least one thing in common which helped everyone relate regardless of income or sexual orientation," another chimed in. "I learned from all of them."

The food situation at Solutions is different from a lot of luxury treatment facilities. Rather than having professional chefs who make a set menu, food is bought for the residents and they prepare meals themselves. This can be a bonding experience as dinner is usually done "family style," meaning residents all cook and eat together with the food provided. "We got together almost like a family, which for me was really good because it brought everyone in the house together and helped build relationships and get to know each other on an individual basis," a former resident told us.

Food is purchased for the residents per their individual requests and is provided in abundance, apparently. "Solutions really pulled out all the stops when it came to food, coffee, sweets, snacks. I've never seen so much food in one house at one time," a former resident said. Simply put, "We made our own meals, they bought all the groceries for us." Basically, residents make breakfast in the mornings before the daily routine begins, they also prepare and pack a lunch to take with them to the counseling center, then prepare dinner at home later. A resident is free to prepare a dinner just for himself if he so chooses. This system clearly works as many former residents rated the food at Solutions as "excellent."

The daily routine consists of counseling and therapies from 9 am to 3 pm (with a one-hour lunch break), during which one would most likely attend 5 groups and possibly some individual counseling. After 3pm clients usually are taken to the gym where they have free memberships. After 3pm, clients are free to use their cell phones and laptops as well. After returning to the house, clients can relax, watch tv, read, do as they please. "We had plenty of time to read, watch TV or just hang out." The routine seems to be generally liked. "For me, I loved the morning meditations. I also enjoyed having multiple individual sessions per week. I finally felt heard," a resident told us. However, not everyone loved it. "Repetitive and 4-5 a day," is how one ex-resident described it when asked about the daily routine. Another client went on to say about the therapy, "Very disappointed with the time with the therapist and their help. It was abundantly clear and blatantly obvious they were there only to collect a paycheck and have no passion behind their objective as a therapist."

On weekends there are frequent off-site activities such as trips to the beach, dinners out, outings to the movies and other events to simulate real life activities, another way in which Solutions tries to ensure long term recovery. The amenities are plentiful and appreciated. "Being at Solutions felt like I was at a five-star resort. Massages, activities, pool time, fun in the sun. I mean, you name it, we probably did it," one alumnus said. When asked about specific activities, "gym, bowling, massage, yoga, pool, meditations, fishing and snorkeling" were mentioned as some of the favorites.

The program is not too tough at Solutions. Most felt that the atmosphere was permissive, but fair. "It was great that they allowed you to have your phone here, but if you did not turn it in during group hours and they caught you they would collect it for a week. If you act like a man, they treat you like one," was one recollection. It may not be tough-love, but, "It was very loving and caring from a clinical standpoint," one alumnus said.

For the most part, clients had praise for the medical treatment at Solutions but one recalled that he "watched multiple people abuse their psychological medicine at the houses." However, another told us, "the doctors came in twice a week and even though I was not on any medication they still took an interest in me to see me and make sure I was doing alright." And another said, "doctor comes in during the week to keep everyone healthy and happy. They are very helpful."

The twelve steps are encouraged at Solutions, but it isn't the only way. "It was primarily 12-step based but they also offered other options to treatment other than 12-step processes such as celebrate recovery, and well-briety," a former resident reported. "There were different options for everyone for your own personalized recovery program," another said. "The best part is that one does not get lost in the crowd, mostly because there isn't a crowd. There are at most 24 clients at a time and the groups were always split so there were rarely more than 8-10 people in a group.“

Solutions is well-liked by most former residents and they value what the program has done for them. "Solutions help save my life. No idea where I would be if I didn't go there, most likely dead," one said. Another put it this way, "I had been to another rehab before but Solutions made me actually believe I could stay sober and be happy with myself."

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