‘Mortal Kombat’ Club Drug Causes First-Known Fatality

By McCarton Ackerman 02/04/14

While the Scottish girl was the first to die from Mortal Kombat, a rash of overdoses have been reported recently from a number of synthetic club drugs.

mortal kombat_0.jpg

A teenage girl from Scotland has become the latest tragedy from club drugs, passing away last Saturday after taking a red pill known as “Mortal Kombat.” Four other people were rushed to the hospital after similar incidents with the drugs at nightspots in Glasgow and Ayrshire, but 17-year-old Regane MacColl is the first confirmed fatality from Mortal Kombat. Officials have yet to confirm what the drug actually is, but the pill has a dragon stamp on it identical to the logo of the classic video game with the same name.

“Illicit drugs are unstable, unpredictable and extremely dangerous as this outcome shows," said Detective Inspector Sharon MacGregor. "Often the content of the drugs is unknown but they could contain dangerous chemicals and people need to understand the devastating effect they can have.”

In recent months, a surge of drugs with cartoon characters or video game logos stamped on them have been infiltrating nightclubs. Scottish police issued a warning via Twitter last week about a “Pink Superman” pill, which features a Superman logo on one side and a ‘half-score’ line and ® logo on the reverse. The cheap drugs, which cost as little as $6 per pill, have already been responsible for numerous fatalities due to containing para-methoxyamphetamine, which is five times stronger than ecstasy.

Last month, drug watchdogs in Belgium spotted a ‘Nintendo’ club drug, a pill which has the same logo as the video game company and contains a large dose of MDMA.

Watch a CNN report on club drugs masquerading as Molly below:

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