Conrad Hilton Released From Jail After Probation Violation

By McCarton Ackerman 08/15/16

A source close top the family claims that “Conrad has had a drug problem for years, since he was a teen, and it has never gotten better.”

Conrad Hilton Released From Jail After Probation Violation
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Conrad Hilton is officially a free socialite. The younger brother of infamous party girl Paris Hilton was released from jail after spending two months behind bars for violating his parole.

People reported that Conrad was released on Aug. 1, according to an anonymous source. He had pleaded guilty to assault in March 2015 after threatening passengers and flight attendants on a flight from Los Angeles to London eight months earlier. He also later admitted to smoking pot in the airplane lavatory. Conrad was sentenced to three years of probation and 750 hours of community service, in addition to being ordered to undergo substance abuse treatment and abstain from drugs and alcohol.

Conrad was then ordered to inpatient rehab for at least 90 days in January after violating his probation by failing drug tests and not completing three treatment programs, among other issues. But the clincher came in June, when he admitted to using a wide range of drugs including synthetic cannabinoids, cocaine and marijuana. Entertainment Tonight reported that Conrad cried in court as his sentence was read out.

A source close to his parents told People that “Conrad has had a drug problem for years, since he was a teen, and it's never gotten better.” However, the family insider added that the issue was never truly addressed because “the Hiltons cope by deflecting. They’re very good at ignoring problems.”

Of course, Conrad’s drug-related scandals pale in comparison to the headlines that his older sister Paris received nearly a decade ago for her own substance abuse issues. She was arrested and charged with DUI in September 2006, then was sentenced to 45 days behind bars in May 2007 for violating the terms of her probation. In August 2010, she was arrested in Las Vegas for suspicion of cocaine possession.

However, it’s possible that Conrad's time behind bars helped him avoid becoming another cautionary tale of the wealthy and addicted. In March 2014, the heir to the Denihan Hospitality Group was found dead in his luxury Manhattan apartment as he lay near a pile of crystal meth, cocaine and the club drug GHB. Charlie Denihan, 28, was reportedly the third drug-related death in NYC within a four-hour window.

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