Chris Cornell’s Daughter Explains Decision To Take Mental Health Break From College

By Bryan Le 06/17/19

The late rock star’s daughter noted that it is always important to take care of your mental health.

Chris Cornell

Lily Cornell Silver, the daughter of late rock star Chris Cornell, took to Instagram on Thursday to reveal that she is taking a break from college for the sake of her mental and emotional health.

“I did not ‘drop out of college’ (although it shouldn’t matter if I did),” she wrote on her Instagram story. “I took a temporary leave of absence to tend to my mental and emotional health, which was in part damaged by those who are gossiping about me.”

Cornell Silver took the opportunity to rebuke those who would criticize her for the move, saying such people are part of the reason mental health continues to be a pressing issue.

“Think twice before you judge somebody for experiencing anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, etc., and taking a step back to practise self-care as opposed to forcing themselves through it,” she urged.

She also blasted people who thought she was simply making an excuse for slacking off. “Mental health and education are two things I take very seriously, which happens to be how I graduated with a 4.0. Nice try tho,” she rebuked.

The subject of mental health is likely a tender one to Cornell Silver as her own father died by suicide. He battled both addiction and depression for years before his death in 2017.

His widow, Vicky Cornell, said that he did not seem depressed or suicidal prior to that night in Detroit. “When we spoke before the show, we discussed plans for a vacation over Memorial Day,” Vicky wrote in a statement.

Vicky, noting that Chris had taken extra Ativan that night, suggested the mood-altering drug was to blame.

“Approximately a year before he died, he was prescribed a benzodiazepine to help him sleep,” she said. “He had torn his shoulder. The pain in the shoulder was waking him up at night and it was keeping him up.”

Cornell’s family eventually sued Dr. Robert Koblin for “negligently and repeatedly [prescribing] mind-altering drugs and controlled substances.” 

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