Cheyenne Jackson Celebrates Sober Milestone

By Bryan Le 05/14/18

The actor posted a celebratory photo on Instagram to commemorate his fifth sober anniversary.

Cheyenne Jackson Instagram post five years sober.
Jackson celebrates his health in his Instagram photo.

Actor Cheyenne Jackson took to Instagram to celebrate five years sober on Thursday.

“FIVE YEARS SOBER Over this time I’ve experienced more highs and lows than I sometimes thought I could take,” he wrote in his post.

Jackson stars in the FX series American Horror Story, and will co-star in the soon-to-be-released American Woman.

In his celebratory Instagram post, Jackson is shirtless and athletically leaping into the air in a black-and-white photo. He reflected on how he managed to stay sober despite personal challenges, from the birth of his children to the death of his father.

“The passing of friends, family strife, life disappointments, fear, anxiety, envy, people-pleasing, fatigue, and ultimately, the birth of my beloved Ethan and Willow followed closely by the death of my beautiful father,” he continued. “Yet through it all, I stayed sober no matter what.”

He went on to mention his appreciation for being able to fully feel every emotion in sobriety—especially the bad ones.

“I felt ever [sic] twinge, every splinter, every heartache. It didn’t break me. I was present for my life and present for those in my life, and for that I am so grateful,” he wrote. “Nothing changes if nothing changes. #ProgressNotPerfection”

In a 2014 interview with NBC New York, he spoke openly about being what he considered a “functioning alcoholic” and his recovery from it. During that time, he hid his habits from loved ones.

“Practically nobody knew, not even my parents,” Jackson recounted in the interview. “I always showed up, I knew my lines, I looked okay. [But] I always felt like I was missing out. That’s why I drank and did drugs. I always felt like there was a party I hadn’t been to, or ‘Oh, where is everybody going now.’”

Jackson also mentioned how difficult it was to stay sober “in the gay community,” as “most of our interactions involve bars and parties.”

A few other celebrities are celebrating sobriety milestones this year.

Eminem has reached a full ten years sober, a fact which he also acknowledged on Instagram. Pop star Demi Lovato, who is an outspoken representative for addiction and mental health, celebrated six years of sobriety in March.

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