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Center for Motivation and Change: Berkshires

By The Fix staff 08/17/17

CMC Berkshires is a luxury facility that provides a comprehensive residential treatment program integrating traditional therapies and holistic methods as well as dual diagnosis support.

Center for Motivation and Change: Berkshires
Location : 100 Stone Manor Dr New Marlborough, MA 01230
Phone : (212) 683-3339
Price : $60,000 (30 days)
Overall :
Accommodations :
Treatment :
Food :
Insurance : No
Detox : No

Introduction and Basic Services

Located in the Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts, Center for Motivation and Change: Berkshires is one of three treatment locations of the Center for Motivation and Change, CMC for short. The other two branches are located in New York City and Long Island. Founded in 2014, CMC Berkshires is a luxury facility that provides a comprehensive residential treatment program integrating traditional therapies and holistic methods for adult clients coping with substance abuse disorders as well as those in need of dual diagnosis support.

Facility and Meals

Located a two and a half hour drive from both New York City and Boston, Massachusetts, residents of CMC Berkshires stay in an extraordinary 100 year-old stone mansion situated on 200 acres in the Berkshire Mountains. There are only 13 beds in the facility, so clients enjoy plenty of space and privacy without feeling isolated. Ever client sleeps in their own private bedroom equipped with a queen-sized bed, plush furnishings, an en suite bathroom and spectacular views. The estate has many common rooms, a beautiful dining room, patios and balconies with scenic views as well as an on-site gym. In addition, clients enjoy maid service and laundry services. All in all, the facility provides residents with a beautiful, peaceful environment and world-class accommodations.

Residents at CMC Berkshires eat very well. Megan Moore, a renowned Berkshires caterer, is the on-site chef at the facility. Residents enjoy delicious, healthy and culturally diverse cuisine made mostly with organic, locally grown food. Moore accommodates the dietary restrictions and preferences of clients, and works with a nutritionist to ensure residents are served well-balanced meals.

Treatment Protocol and Team

Specialists develop highly customized treatment programs for CMC Berkshire clients based on an assessment which may include neuropsychiatric testing. The center utilizes evidence-based therapeutic models like CBT, DBT and ACT as well as holistic wellness practices. The length of stay varies depending on the specific needs of the client but is generally 28 days. Residents in need of dual diagnosis treatment may stay longer.

While in residential treatment, clients participate in three group therapy sessions a day, a minimum of four to five individual sessions a week and one family therapy session a week, with a focus on topics like motivation, awareness-building, life skills development and effective communication. In addition, residents are encouraged to participate in 12-step as well as holistic methods like fitness training, yoga, meditation, music therapy, gardening and a number of outdoor activities like skiing.

CMC Berkshires does not offer detox, however staff can refer those clients in need to outside facilities before beginning the residential program. The facility provides dual diagnosis support with medication management, as necessary. The CMC Berkshires team is comprised of physicians, doctoral or master's level clinicians, and case managers.

Bonus Amenities

In addition to the beautiful campus and mansion, the facility also offers aftercare in the form of referrals to outpatient care and sober living for continued support.

While the goal of CMC Berkshires is for residents to spend their time focusing on recovery, clients are permitted access to their phones and Internet during designated times. In addition, smoking is permitted in designated areas outside of the mansion, though the facility will assist residents in quitting during their stay.


The CMC Berkshires location offers clients with an atmosphere that is second to none. The accommodations are top notch and the surroundings are beautiful. The treatment plan is individualized with an strong emphasis placed on developing coping skills. For clients in search of a program that utilizes both classic and holistic methods, CMC Berkshires is a great option.

Center for Motivation and Change: Berkshires

100 Stone Manor Dr

New Marlborough, MA 01230

(212) 683-3339

[email protected]

Center for Motivation and Change: Berkshires Cost: $60,000 (30 days). Find Center for Motivation and Change: Berkshires on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn

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