Forrest Eaglespeaker

The North Sound by Matt Braden Photo - landscape 2.jpg

Forrest Eaglespeaker is a Blackfoot singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Calgary, Alberta, now residing in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. He is the heartbeat of Canadian roots-rock band The North Sound, presently a duo with his wife, Nevada Freistadt, who composes and performs vocal harmonies. With a no holds barred approach to songwriting, Forrest’s lyrics span across haunting metaphors from everyday experiences to personal realities. His most recent release “Between The Ditches” reached #1 on Saskatchewan’s MBC Radio, #1 on the national Indigenous Music Countdown and features a music video where Forrest pays homage to his roots as an indigenous person, to his second home in Saskatchewan, and to his family.

In keeping true to the traditions from his home territory, Treaty 7, Forrest becomes a storyteller through his lyrics and musical compositions. Coming from a broken home in a rough neighbourhood that was filled with alcohol and drug abuse, Forrest is always seeking and creating opportunities to have a positive impact on the community. He has passionately dedicated his life to working with vulnerable populations in both Saskatchewan and Alberta.