Billy Bush Celebrates Daughter's Sobriety: 'It's a Hero's Journey'

By Bryan Le 01/29/18

After a rough patch in his life following the infamous 'hot mic' tape with Trump, Billy Bush now has a lot to celebrate at home.

Billy Bush joining the Today show
Billy Bush during his time on the Today show.

Former Today host Billy Bush told People magazine how proud he is of his daughter’s three years of sobriety.

“It’s a hero’s journey,” Bush said. “I watch her and I’m blown away by the strength of character she has.”

As of Friday, Bush’s eldest daughter, 19-year-old Josephine “Josie” Bush, is celebrating three years sober. At first, Bush blamed himself for allowing her to fall into a pattern of problematic drinking.

“Part of me was beating myself up, like, ‘How did I miss this?’” he said. “But forget about that—we had someone to take care of and someone to help find her way. Still, I cannot give credit to myself. It’s all Josie. She’s found an amazing sober community. I like watching them without drugs or alcohol. They do fun things together.”

Besides Josie, Bush and his wife Sydney also have two younger daughters, 13-year-old Lillie and 17-year-old Mary.

“It’s incredible,” says Bush. “They’re starting to take off. The journey was great, but seeing them where they are and making awesome decisions and taking care of their lives is fascinating. It’s awesome.”

His daughter’s achievement is a positive turn of events for Bush. He last made national headlines after being fired from Today following the release of the infamous hot mic video featuring Bush and President Donald Trump on a bus sharing some “locker room talk.”

In September of 2017, a year after the controversy, he and Sydney announced their separation. However, the tape was not the only reason for their marriage troubles.

“People assumed it happened because she was mad about the tape, but we had difficulties before I got to the Today show. We got married young and had our first child right away. We are taking a step back to see how we do it,” Bush said.

But lately, he’s been rising out of his spiral from the scandal and mending his relationship with his wife of 19 years.

“I’m a deeper person. I’m more conscientious,” he said, “But I’m not the Dalai Lama—I’m still Billy freaking Bush!”

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