Banyan Offers Comprehensive and Evidence-Based Treatment

By The Fix staff 07/03/18

With the addition of Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches, Banyan Treatment Centers widens its range of treatment options.

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Banyan Treatment Center takes its name from a South Florida tree that thrives on the support of the other trees that surround it. The treatment center draws its strength from caring, cooperation and a genuine sense of community, which is a perfectly fitting description for how Banyan succeeds in treating drug and alcohol addiction. Now, Banyan has even more strength in its stable of facilities with a brand-new addition: Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches (BHOPB). Located in sunny West Palm Beach, Florida, the center has over 200 beds and features an incredibly wide range of treatment options. It is also one of the very few healthcare organizations in the country to have its own research and development department. Their department is deeply committed to advancing the study of addiction treatment, where researchers explore and test cutting-edge treatment models to help reduce the chance of patient relapse.

Aside from its research arm, BHOPB boasts an impressive array of recovery programs for people wrestling with addiction. For one, it provides a number of specialized detox programs where patients can begin their treatment in a safe, medically supervised environment. Onsite medical professionals are trained to treat any number of withdrawal symptoms and provide immediate care in the case of a medical emergency. And since each drug has its own specific withdrawal symptoms, the staff is careful to prepare detox plans that are customized to each and every patient. In fact, the detox process is as unique as the people going through the program, with programs tailored to alcohol, drugs, heroin, Suboxone and prescription painkillers. More than anything, though, the most important aspect of the center’s detox process is education. BHOPB equips individuals with the tools they desperately need to deal with everyday life and find long-lasting recovery.

Group and individual counseling at BHOPB affords patients the ability to identify and address the root of their substance abuse issues as well, offering programs that cater to individuals on a very unique level. The comprehensive program helps patients to regain their health and independence without any outside disruptions or distractions. Holistic treatment is available too, which focuses on the connection between the mind, body and spirit—a program that works to restore patients’ emotional, physical and spiritual health. Many of the elements in this program aren’t found in traditional substance abuse programs, including meditation, nutrition awareness, massage and high-tech therapies such as eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) and light-sound neurotherapy (LSN), among others. In addition to these programs, BHOPB even has a program aimed toward seniors who are struggling with addiction. In their program for boomers, BHOPB treats aging individuals who suffer from physical pain or decreased mobility, due to decades of drug or alcohol abuse. A family addiction education and support group is available as well, helping families not only get a better insight into their loved one’s post-treatment needs, but their overall role in that person’s recovery. Among some of the topics discussed in these groups are what to expect with a loved one in treatment, codependency, boundaries and detachment, and self-care for family members.

BHOPB also offers an all-inclusive alcohol and drug treatment center, Seaside Palm Beach, which allows patients with certain financial means to receive high-quality treatment without sacrificing the lifestyle to which they’re accustomed. The luxury retreat is specifically designed to meet the needs of business professionals and executives, complete with gourmet food, private suites, concierge service, music therapy, acupuncture, bio-bed therapy, chiropractic care, transportation, golf and tennis, yoga and meditation, massage therapy and countless other amenities. This program is also one of the very few in the country that offers what’s called a “living recovery program,” where patients are able to maintain contact for business purposes, and with their families and loved ones while in treatment. What’s more is that BHOPB encourages family involvement during the recovery process. Also unique to the Seaside program is the ability for residents to use cell phones and computers, allowing them to remain connected to their day-to-day working lives.

With programs that include intensive inpatient and outpatient programs, partial hospitalization and short-term stabilization, Banyan prides itself in being one of the most comprehensive addiction treatment centers in the country. In addition to BHOPB, Banyan has locations in Boston, Chicago and Philadelphia, as well as Stuart, FL, Boca Raton, FL, Pompano Beach, FL and Laurel Run, PA. And while each location carries its own unique flavor and personality, all of them offer the same high level of care, ranging from detoxification to outpatient services and a strong alumni program. Banyan knows that recovery doesn’t end once someone leaves treatment. Recovery is a lifelong journey. That’s why the staff at Banyan invest themselves in every one of their clients, caring for individuals seeking recovery in deep, meaningful ways that empower them to find long-term success.

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