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Austin Oaks Hospital

By The Fix staff 08/15/17

Austin Oaks Hospital is a behavioral health hospital that provides a full continuum of treatment including residential and outpatient care for clients with substance use disorders and those in need of dual diagnosis support.

Austin Oaks Hospital
Location : 1407 W Stassney Ln Austin, TX 78745
Phone : (512) 440-4800
Price : $30,000 (30 days)
Overall :
Accommodations :
Treatment :
Food :
Insurance : Yes
Detox : Yes

Introduction and Basic Services

Located in Austin, Texas, the Austin Oaks Hospital is a behavioral health hospital that provides a full continuum of treatment including residential and outpatient care for clients with substance use disorders and those in need of dual diagnosis support. Accredited by the Joint Commission, Austin Oaks Hospital provides an individualized program with evidence-based services to anyone age four and up with behavioral and emotional illnesses.

Facility and Meals

The 51,420 square foot Austin Oaks Hospital is situated on a 13 acre tree-lined campus in South Austin, with a 6,000 square foot outpatient facility nearby. With 80 beds in residential treatment, residents are divided by both age and gender. Adolescents and adults are separated by wings and sleep in gender-specific rooms. Rooms are dorm-style with plenty of space, twin beds, desks and private bathrooms. The facility provides a secluded environment for clients to focus on their recovery. Residents can relax in one of the several lounges, where there are TVs and games.

Austin Oaks is equipped with a nice on-site cafeteria. Clients are provided with well-balanced, healthy meals designed by a nutritionist. In addition, any dietary restrictions or allergies can easily be accommodated.

Treatment Protocol and Team

Austin Oaks Hospital’s residential treatment program is rooted in the the “therapeutic community model” that emphasizes client’s holding themselves responsible. To that end, the facility’s treatment is customized to the specific needs of the residents. Clients engage in individual therapy six days a week, group therapy several times a day and, if necessary, receive dual diagnosis support. The facility is not equipped with an on-site detox unit. However, Austin Oaks can refer those in need of medical detox to a local clinic before beginning the residential program. Austin Oaks also provides outpatient care for adult clients seeking continued support after leaving residential treatment. PHP and IOP are provided for adults and adolescents.

Austin Oaks utilizes a vast array of classic therapies including CBT, DBT, psychoeducation and anger management as well as wellness methods like pet therapy, yoga, Tai chi, self expression and journaling. In addition, it facilitates spiritual care, family therapy and encourages participation in local 12-step meetings.

As said before, treatment is completely individualized at Austin Oaks, and services for children and adolescents are no different. Younger clients participate in individual and group therapies with the key component being family therapy. Sessions focus on topics such as positive self-image and social skills, and programming utilizes peer support to assist adolescents with co-occurring disorders.

The Austin Oaks team is comprised of psychiatrists for medication management, Master’s level therapists, counselors, case managers, physicians, a nursing team, a chaplain and support staff.

Bonus Amenities

Clients choose between and array of holistic therapies like massage therapy and art therapy. They can also take advantage of a physical fitness regimen and nutritional counseling.


Austin Oaks offers comfortable accommodations with plenty of wellness activities to balance out the traditional therapies. The hospital is a great option for clients seeking excellent supervision in a structured environment. Austin Oaks might be the ideal fit for someone struggling with with addiction and a mental health issue that has either been an impetus for or result of their chornic substance abuse.

Austin Oaks Hospital

1407 W Stassney Ln

Austin, TX 78745

(512) 440-4800

Austin Oaks Hospital Cost: $30,000 (30 days); accepts insurance. Find Austin Oaks Hospital onFacebook

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