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The Arbor

By The Fix staff 08/28/17

With a thorough step-down program, the Arbor gives clients a way to recover over a long period of time, ensuring that sobriety is maintained more than it would be in a simple 30-day stay. 

The Arbor
Location : 1443 Country Road 103 Georgetown, TX 78626 Extended Care for Men 4304 Avenue B Austin, TX 78751 Extended Care for Women 513 E 49th St Austin, TX 78751 IOP 505 W 12th St, Ste 200 Austin, TX 78701
Phone : (844) 413-2690
Price : $54,600 (90 days, residential)
Overall :
Accommodations :
Treatment :
Food :
Insurance : No
Detox : No

Introduction and Basic Services

Located in Georgetown, Texas the Arbor is a substance abuse and dual diagnosis treatment facility. The organization offers a variety of levels of care including residential treatment, a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), a Supportive Outpatient Treatment (SOP) and sober living. The residential campus is a 27-mile drive north of the city, while the step-down facilities are in Austin.

Facility and Meals

The outdoor area at the 67-acre residential facility is luxurious, with a shaded patio featuring comfortable couches and a large pool. Indoor spaces are breathtakingly outfitted, with wooden vaulted ceilings and antique armchairs and couches alongside a stone fireplace. The kitchen sits behind this area, with stainless steel appliances and an adjacent dining table. The Arbor’s executive chef prepares well-balanced meals in line with the treatment’s nutritional education.

The residential program maxes out at 40 beds; the PHP facility has 35 beds; the SOP contains 32 beds and sober living fits 21 individuals. Shared bedrooms across all facilities have two to four beds, desks and wardrobes.

Those in the SOP and sober living facilities prepare meals for themselves. Residences are set in Victorian-style homes, with cozy communal spaces for clients to chat or simply relax.

Treatment Protocol and Team

There is no detox available. The Arbor suggests that clients finish three months of treatment at each stage.

Clinical staff is composed of physicians, therapists, nurses, chemical dependency counselors, Master’s-level clinicians, LCSWs, LCDCs, LPNs, recovery care technicians, equine therapists, interns and mentors.

Clients are given weekly individual sessions with their treatment manager to change their goal-oriented plans as needed. Methodologies include CBT, EMDR, pharmacological interventions, psychoeducational groups, adjunctive therapies, nutritional therapy, physical healthcare, spiritual engagement, general group therapy, family therapy and 12-step programming on- and off-site. Those with dual diagnoses receive mental health care, skills for emotional regulation and relationship training. All treatment is gender-specific.

Clients meet daily with a medical director, recovery coach, their primary therapist and a psychiatrist (if needed). The Arbor treats co-occurring psychiatric or eating disorders.

Physical health and nutrition are an important part of treatment at the Arbor; yoga and fitness instruction is offered five days a week. Equine-assisted therapy is also incorporated into treatment.

The PHP is a transitional 90-day program with that integrates 24-hour oversight with IOP programming. It includes community meetings daily; 12-step programming; 10 hours of individual sessions, group therapy and psychoeducation; medication management; life skills training and meetings with a recovery manager. Those in the final “graduate” stage of the program may leave the property from 12 to 5 pm to work, participate in education or work towards other treatment goals.

The IOP consists of three evening group sessions a week for a total of two-and-a-half hours as well as one weekly evening meeting with an individual counselor. Process groups, psychoeducation, experiential therapy, spiritual development and life skills training are included. Also offered are vocational and educational support, a weekly 12-step meeting and family groups.

SOP follows the IOP, with 1 ½ hours of evening programming twice a week including bi-weekly individual sessions and the same treatments as the IOP. There is a weekly 30-hour work requirement as well as a curfew and five meetings per week. Residents obtain a sponsor and continue 12-step work.

Sober living is offered, where clients can continue treatment while experiencing external life.

The family program is available at an additional cost. It includes staff support via a family program week, telephone calls and family sessions. Family Week is three-and-a-half days long and is offered monthly. Families get weekly updates as part of the standard treatment plan.

The alumni program is extensive, holding a variety of sober activities and events as well as a 12-step meeting every Wednesday at 7:30 pm. Relapse prevention takes an individualized approach to help each client achieve short- and long-term personal goals using their skill sets and external support with a mentor. A year of aftercare is included in the price of treatment.

Bonus Amenities

Meditation, yoga, massage and equine and art therapy are offered.


With a thorough step-down program, the Arbor gives clients a way to recover over a long period of time, ensuring that sobriety is maintained more than it would be in a simple 30-day stay. Accommodations are comfortable and an increasing amount of freedom means that residents can develop real-world skills as they progress through treatment. It is for all these reasons and more that The Arbor is one of the most well-reputed treatment networks in the state of Texas.

The Arbor

1443 Country Road 103

Georgetown, TX 78626

(844) 413-2690

Extended Care for Men

4304 Avenue B

Austin, TX 78751

Extended Care for Women

513 E 49th St

Austin, TX 78751


505 W 12th St, Ste 200

Austin, TX 78701

The Arbor Cost: $54,600 (90 days, residential); accepts insurance. Find the Arbor onFacebook,Twitter andLinkedIn

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