App To Help Student Drinkers Stay Safe Nears A Million Downloads

By May Wilkerson 10/16/15

A new app designed to help students stay safe has been taking off.

Drunk Mode App
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A new smartphone app aimed at preventing drunk driving and keeping students safe while drinking has gone viral. Called Drunk Mode, the student-developed app has reached 900,000 users since its launch in Spring 2012 and is expected to hit a million downloads this month.

Drunk Mode, which was invented by former University students Joshua Anton and Justin Washington, started as an app to prevent users from drunk dialing people. But it has evolved into a tool to keep students safe while partying. It now includes four main features for students to use during nights out.

“We stop you from drunk dialing your friends, we allow you to find your drunk friends in real time, we show you where you went last night and we allow you to catch a ride home,” said Anton.

This week, the app is about to add a new feature to help prevent sexual assault. Called Hotspots, the feature will display an anonymous ratio of male to female users on a map and will integrate with another app, called Fabriq, which helps users monitor each other’s whereabouts to ensure that they get home safely.

Drunk Mode’s creators say, initially, safety wasn’t their primary concern in developing the app. But they’ve become aware of how important these features have become, making it the leading app in safety for students.

“If we can solve safety at the same time, it ... makes [Drunk Mode] more than just a party app,” said Anton.”[it] makes it irreplaceable to your night out. And being safe is part of that—we just kind of accidentally figured it out.”

The app is spreading like wildfire on college campuses across the country. It’s projected to have two to three million users by the end of 2015, and double that number by the end of 2016.

“We want to be the app that people use when they go out on college campuses, where we can solve every issue you may have,” said Anton. “We want to be the app that college students have and use for their social life in college at the same time while solving safety.”

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