Anthony Scaramucci's Cocaine Tweet Spurs Speculation

By Keri Blakinger 08/09/17

The former White House Communications Director is making headlines again for his most recent Twitter posts.

Anthony Scaramucci
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Anthony Scaramucci, AKA The Mooch, mystified Twitter users this week with a tweet about cocaine, followed by a link to a Medium post about addiction. 

“We take the subject of cocaine and its use very seriously in my family,” recently ousted White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci tweeted Monday. The tweet linked to a set of four 2016 podcasts, though Death and Taxes reported that a fifth episode— tackling the topic of cocaine— had been deleted. 

The alleged deletion sparked much snark on the internet.

“Was The Mooch about to blame his New Yorker tirade where he accused chief strategist Steve Bannon of sucking his own cock on an appetite for the yayo?” Death and Taxes wrote. “I guess we’ll never know.”

But an hour later, Scaramucci offered some vague clarification with a link to an old Medium post discussing the vanished podcast.

“If you’re struggling with addiction and refuse to address it, there are only three ways it will end — you’ll ‘sober up, get covered up or locked up.’ That’s according to my brother David Scaramucci, who has battled drug and alcohol addiction since college,” the post begins.

Scaramucci goes on to describe his brother’s then-recent appearance on the podcast. Apparently the mysteriously deleted sound clips focused largely on David Scaramucci’s struggles with addiction and his dedication to Alcoholics Anonymous. 

“For guys who stop going to meetings, who stop AA, the chance of relapse increases every day. Once I stopped, I had no defense against picking up,” he said, according to the Medium post.

“I’ll call three alcoholics every day until I go to my grave. The only thing that works is an alcoholic sharing their experiences with another alcoholic.”

It’s not clear what prompted the tweets or why, a year later, he suddenly decided to start promoting a deleted podcast and some Medium ramblings. 

But the internet didn’t much care; whatever the reasoning, the pair of tweets unleashed a lengthy thread of replies - some supportive, some substantially less so. 

One Twitter user denounced the violation of AA’s anonymity. Other thanked the Mooch for sharing. Still other offered congrats to his brother - and some just responded with timeless GIFs of Dave Chappelle’s crack-smoking Tyrone Biggums character sprinkling some cooked-up rocks on a peanut butter sandwich.

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Keri Blakinger is a former drug user and current reporter living in Texas. She covers breaking news for the Houston Chronicle and previously worked for the New York Daily News and the Ithaca Times. She has written about drugs and criminal justice for the Washington Post, Salon, Quartz and more. She loves dogs and is not impressed by rodeo food. Find Keri on LinkedIn and Twitter.