Andy Dick Reveals That He's Been Sober for a Year and A Half

By Jamie Price 07/22/16

The 50-year-old actor took to Facebook to discuss his rock bottom, his newfound sobriety, and the treatment facility that helped him make it possible. 

Andy Dick Reveals That He's Been Sober for a Year and A Half

Andy Dick’s alcohol and drug-fueled antics have become something of a legend in Hollywood, and across the country. But for the past year-and-a-half, he has been quietly focusing on his sobriety at an inpatient recovery center in Malibu called SOBA. And, though he’s been in and out of rehab many, many times in the past, it looks like this time it might stick.

The 50-year-old actor and comedian recently shared a lengthy Facebook post which reads partially as an ad for SOBA. He details how his rock bottom led him to the center, which took him in 21 months ago after “all the other facilities quietly shut their doors or hung up the phone” on him. “I had exhausted all my resources,” he writes. “I was a man bound to die.”

Dick gives full credit to SOBA, run by a man named Greg Hannley, for helping him get back on track when he had hit rock bottom:

“Greg and his team had a solution,” he says. “Long-term treatment. Slow, simple and effective. I had to change everything. My habits, my thought processes, my surroundings, my friends, my impulses and my attitudes. I had to learn how to enjoy the simple things in life again, the way a child learns to brush his teeth. SOBA has gently steered me into a new direction. One of abstinence, hope, love, family, and community.”

In the post, Dick urges others who are struggling with addiction to get help at the center. “Tell them Andy sent you and get the VIP treatment,” he writes. “It would make my day to see you here. I am just like you. More than you know.” He ends the post: “To anybody who is struggling, I love you, and I pray you make the bold decision to call. See you soon. Love, Andy,” and then lists the number of the recovery center.

Dick, who has been candid about his addiction for years, recently made an appearance as himself in the Netflix series Love, in which he talks about the toll alcoholism has taken on his life. During a drunken encounter with the series’ star, an alcoholic played by Gillian Jacobs, Dick says: "Every bad choice I've made is drinking. Everything I've lost ... drinking. I got that Vince Vaughn movie ... I was right there. I thought he was sober and then we went out, and he's not, and we drank. And then I blacked out, but I know it wasn't good. I probably got grope-y."

Let’s hope he can make sobriety work this time.

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