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By The Fix staff 09/06/17

Extensive staff, evidence-based care, 12-step incorporation and holistic programming, all in a luxurious setting make the treatment Ambrosia Treatment Center in Beverly Hills an incredible resource. 

Ambrosia Treatment Center
Location : Address undisclosed to protect client privacy Beverly Hills, CA
Phone : (888) 492-5288
Price : $50,000 (30 days) $2,000 (per day, detox)
Overall :
Accommodations :
Treatment :
Food :
Insurance : No
Detox : No

Introduction and Basic Services

Located right in the center of Los Angeles’ renowned Beverly Hills neighborhood, Ambrosia Treatment Center offers residential treatment, an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and standard outpatient care for adults of all ages. Programming focuses on addiction to drugs and alcohol as well as co-occurring disorders, trauma and chronic relapse.

Facility and Meals

The facility overlooks Los Angeles but is tucked away in the quiet spaciousness of Beverly Hills. Ambrosia Treatment Center houses no more than 12 clients at a time, offering specialized attention to each person. Both private and semi-private, gender-specific rooms are available. Rooms are cozy with desks, a set of drawers and often a private patio.

A spacious lounge area with a TV and adjacent dining room are set under vaulted, rafted ceilings with warm wooden floors to give the facility a homey feeling. The grounds are well-manicured, with plenty of green, grassy spaces. There are a pool, Jacuzzi, and gym on site.

An executive chef prepares three meals a day for residents, like hummus and vegetable plates, which are offered from a menu with a plethora of options so clients can make their own nutritional choices. There are also snacks available in between meals.

Treatment Protocol and Team

Treatment protocol targets the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of recovery.

The program begins with a medical detox using a personalized plan that usually lasts from three to 10 days, depending on the substances used, the length and regularity of usage, quantity of drugs taken and overall level of mental and physical health. Minimal amounts of anti-craving medication, given in tapering doses, are used in order to avoid the addictive properties of many of these treatments. Clinicians overseeing the process adjust the quantities.

Residential treatment following detox focuses on nutrition and fitness (including workouts in the pool or ropes courses), regulated medication and care for dual diagnoses, one-on-one sessions, work towards relapse prevention, marriage counseling if necessary, medical education, 12-step work and sponsorship, building life skills and, when relevant, grief healing. Spiritual assistance is also included with alternative therapies and a focus on character building, working through denial, managing stress and coping with anxiety.

Group sessions take place daily as do psycho-educational groups. There is an emphasis on learning about addiction, preventing relapse and managing relationships. Off-site 12-step meetings are also a regular part of the treatment regimen. Creative therapies are offered three times a week, life skills once a week and individual sessions with a primary therapist twice a week. Family sessions with the client’s primary therapist are conducted as needed. Clients meet with an addiction psychiatrist twice a week.

Treatment plans for young adults and adults are similar, though the different stressors on those of varying ages are taken into account.

Focus is also given to healing from trauma and those who deal with chronic relapse, the latter of which is overseen by therapists certified in the Gorski-CENAPS method, a model which deals with relapse prevention and is based on state-of-the-art research findings using the bio-psycho-social model. Also crucial are evidence-based treatments like CBT, ACT, EMDR, DBT and Motivational Interviewing (MI).

Treatment is overseen by psychiatrists specializing in addiction medicine and general psychiatry, Master’s-level addiction counselors, LCSWs, case managers, holistic physicians and herbalists, around-the-clock registered nurses, an on-call physician, certified trauma therapists, registered nutritionists, life coaches and spiritual leaders.

IOP lasts 12 to 18 weeks and requires a minimum of three hours of participation daily. Standard outpatient treatment includes group sessions, individual therapy, attending 12-step meetings and educational lectures.

Visitation is allowed on Sundays. Phone calls are supervised in the first seven days but generally available after that period; computer access is allowed when supervised (but not for social media, just business or educational responsibilities).

Family therapy and education is offered in order to ensure a solid support system for the client upon his or her return home. This may include 24/7 support via texts, calls or emails; online therapy sessions; local group and therapist matching; educational articles; bi-weekly support groups and lectures and family conference calls. Clients and their families may also participate in sessions with the resident’s primary therapist as needed.

Recommendations for sober living houses can be arranged, and the individual’s clinical team creates a personalized aftercare guide. Alumni support is available in the form of 24/7 advice, sponsorship coordination, monthly events and bi-weekly support groups and lectures.

Bonus Amenities

Schedules also include yoga twice a week, daily mindfulness meditation and fellowship with others in the recovery community, weekly acupuncture and nutritional education and outings once to twice a week. Ambrosia offers creative therapies including art, writing and music therapy and improve classes as well as massage and a ropes courses.

Outings include trips to the beach for lounging or surfing and going on hikes as well as indoor activities like going to the movies, museums or bowling.


Extensive staff, evidence-based care, 12-step incorporation and holistic programming, all in a luxurious setting make the treatment Ambrosia Treatment Center in Beverly Hills an incredible resource for the clientele it serves. Those in search of comprehensive care in an inpatient or outpatient setting with every amenity imaginable would do well to seek help through this organization.

Ambrosia Treatment Center

Address undisclosed to protect client privacy

Beverly Hills, CA

(888) 492-1633

Ambrosia Treatment Center Cost: $50,000 (30 days); $2,000 (per day, detox); insurance accepted. Find Ambrosia Treatment Center on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn

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