Amazon Customer Finds Baggie Of Drugs In Shipment

By Desiree Bowie 11/25/19

An Amazon Prime customer is outraged at the company's response to accidentally sending him drugs in a recent shipment.

Amazon customer holding a shipment from the company

When Vishal Solanki ordered a drawing set for his eight-year-old niece on Amazon, he had no idea what he was in for. When the gift arrived, Solanki discovered a small colorful baggie of drugs in the shipment and was taken aback.

"The baggie of pills dropped out of the box the art set was in," Solanki told Newsweek. "If my niece has opened the box and thought I had put some candy in there and she digested them, it would be a whole other conversation."

Solanki then reached out to Amazon's customer support and explained the situation.

"When I pulled the box out a small plastic baggie fell out of the package and to my utter shock and dismay, I picked it up and it's a small bag of drugs!!" Solanki wrote in the email. "I want to know why this bag of drugs was in a children's toy and secondly, what do you intend to do about it as I am extremely furious and upset!!"

He was dismayed at their "cookie cutter" response and apology for what he perceived as a very dangerous accident.

"I'm sorry to hear about the problem with the item received," said the email from Amazon which Solanki gave to Newsweek. "At Amazon, customer satisfaction is something that we take very seriously and would never compromise under any circumstances. Unfortunately, sometimes unavoidable mistakes happen."

"We want our customers to have a happy and trust worthy shipping experience with us, we feel so sorry that we were not able to fulfill your expectations for this level of service," the email noted. "In this case it is with great regret for us to know that we have not met our standard."

Solanki then took to Facebook to tell others about Amazon's mistake. 

I am posting this as an AWARENESS to all people who order from @amazon as a safety precaution. I ordered an Art Set from Amazon for my 8 year-old niece. I am a paying Prime Member #AmazonPrimeMember and like always, Amazon delivered next day to my door. Normally when I order a gift, I do not open it, I just wrap it in the box and give it to the person. Since the Art Set came in an unmarked box, I wanted to ensure that it was in fact what I had ordered. I cut open the box and what fell out of the box shocked me and has me extremely disturbed and upset!!

I slid out the Art Set and something fell and hit my foot. I thought it was a piece of styrofoam. When I looked down, I noticed a small baggie. After I looked at it for a second, I realized that it was a small baggie of drugs! Yes DRUGS!!! I was floored!! I didn't know what to do in that moment. I asked my girlfriend to examine the baggie as I was in shock. She confirmed that it was indeed a bag of multiple kinds of pills.

I immediately sent @amazon an email to express my concern and dismay and the only thing I got from them was a "cookie cutter" email apologizing for sending the "wrong product" and that they were shipping me a new Art Set as a resolution. I mean that's it?! They did not even READ the email! Somehow, within Amazon's supply chain, this bag of drugs was inserted into the packaging of the Art Set meant for a child! And again, all I got in return was a "cookie cutter" email apologizing for sending the wrong item? What if I had not opened it and my niece thought it was candy and ate it?

What if I had not opened it and my niece thought it was candy and ate it? What if it was your child who opened it and had an overdose or worse?! I am absolutely pissed off, angry, shocked and annoyed. As the holidays are approaching just be aware to check your packages. What's even more shocking is that @Amazon did not even care and has brushed it off. What would you do??? I am also contacting to Police to report this as well as the media. In addition, please share this with anyone you know who uses Amazon, Amazon Prime or any of Amazon's services. #AmazonPrimeMember@ Vaughan, Ontario

Solanki told Newsweek: "I'm not looking for fame or anything from this. Just want to spread awareness for people to be careful during the holidays. Packages are arriving from all over the world!"

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