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Alanis Morissette Gives Drug And Alcohol Advice In New Column

By McCarton Ackerman 04/22/16

In her column, Guardian Weekend magazine’s "new agony aunt" dispenses advice about love, addiction, work, friendship, and family.

Alanis Morissette Gives Drug And Alcohol Advice In New Column
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You oughta know that Alanis Morissette is now dispensing advice about everything from love, family, and even advice about substances. In January, the 41-year-old singer signed on as a weekly advice columnist for the Guardian. Morissette fielded a question earlier this month from a man who recently began dating one of his long-time friends, but doesn’t approve of the fact that she smokes marijuana. The singer urges him to “focus more on your experience and less on her needing to change” when discussing the issue with her, but also asks him to assess how he would respond if she were unwilling to stop.

“My husband and I have always taken care to look at whatever habit or behavior keeps intimacy at bay for us. There are many survival strategies that kept us alive when we were younger, that now simply keep us estranged from each other,” she wrote in response. “It sounds like the drug-free environment you yearn for indicates your wanting a deeper intimacy—something substances and even obsessions with people can stop us from truly having. Having been someone who turned to people and substances to keep a lifestyle in place that was not good for my nervous system, out of mere survival, I can say that stopping them led to a better, long-term way of navigating life, as well as my relationship with my husband.”

Another question came from a successful professional who often drinks excessively and wants to stop. Morissette acknowledged that “the thing about alcohol that can be so compelling is that it works,” but advised finding healthier alternatives to release stress at the end of the day or, if that's not possible, seeking help. “For me, alcohol served as a brilliant secondary addiction to stave off the effects of my three primary addictions, which were love, food and work,” she wrote. “Addictions don’t go away on their own. We either choose actively to recover, or these same processes and substances that seemed to keep us afloat will eventually end our lives.”

In the past, Morissette has been open about her eating disorders and love addiction, raising awareness of both. Her next target: work addiction. "If I told someone I did heroin until 4 a.m., there would be this massive intervention. But if I tell someone I was working on a deadline until 4 a.m., they’d pat me on the back," she told Women's Health Magazine last August. "But it can be equally as destructive because stress is the number one killer, right? So I’m really looking into that. It’s sort of my main focus right now."

You can send her your questions about love, family or life in general to [email protected].

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