Acqua Recovery

By The Fix staff 08/28/17

Acqua Recovery is a drug and alcohol rehab that offers secluded residential treatment services to clients struggling with addiction and co-occurring disorders. 

Acqua Recovery
Location : 100 N Johnson Mill Rd Midway, UT
Phone : (844) 654-3700
Price : $18,000 (30 days)
Overall :
Accommodations :
Treatment :
Food :
Insurance : No
Detox : No

Introduction and Basic Services

Acqua Recovery is located in Midway, Utah, a relatively remote forested town in the northwest corner of the state. The facility is a drug and alcohol rehab that offers secluded residential treatment services to clients struggling with addiction and co-occurring disorders. Though many rehabs focus on rushing clients back into an active, social routine, Acqua Recovery focuses instead on letting residents take some time to commune with nature.

The demographic at Acqua Recovery was said to vary significantly. Though some reported a majority of residents between 25 and 35, others said it was not uncommon to see men and women in their 40s and late 50s as well. “It was a mixed group in all regards,” one alumnus said—according to another, this plurality included “income, religion, race and sexual orientation.” Above all, those attending the program seemed to gel well together. “No matter what, we were all treated equal,” an alumnus said. “We were and still are family.”

Facility and Meals

Though the facility strives for a serene and secluded vibe, residents may be pleasantly surprised at how modernized the rustic interiors really are. The accommodations include several small homes with plush furniture and bedding, all with interiors that carefully balance traditional Southwestern and modern aesthetics. Both private and shared rooms are available, though alums reported positive experiences all the way around. “I had two amazing roommates [who] felt like sisters,” an alumnus said. “We did have chores which [were] to clean up after ourselves and to make our beds.” There are never more than 20 residents in treatment at any given time.

Those seeking a high-quality food program in addition to their treatment should be happy to hear that Acqua Recovery’s meals were “amazingly healthy,” even “sometimes too healthy” according to another alumnus. In addition to a delicious salad bar and favored fishes like Chicken à la King, the facility always kept a steady supply of snacks and coffee available. The program reportedly focuses on a “pro-recovery diet,” composed of “70-80% organic” ingredients. They even have a garden on-site to grow fresh produce. Still, sugar addicts may want to watch out: though sweets were sparingly available, don’t expect any “processed junk food” here.

Treatment Protocol and Team

There is no on-site detox but co-occurring disorders can be addressed long side addiction treatment. Residential stays are usually 30 to 90 days. Overall, life at Acqua Recovery is fairly regimented and includes busy schedules of daily groups and activities. “The program was not 12-step based and was more evidence-based,” one alum said. The clinical portion of treatment includes psychoeducation, EMDR and relapse prevention strategies as necessary. “Daily life was scheduled, there was always something to do,” an alum said. “They [did] a great job with balancing the schedule and making sure it [wasn’t] overwhelming.” Though the on-site medical care didn’t include full-time doctors, alumni mostly said they were able to get the attention they needed. “The staff was very helping and empathetic,” one said.

In fitting with the return to nature theme, clients at Acqua Recovery may be asked to put down the electronics a little more than they’re used to. “We were able to use the phones a couple times a day as long as you didn’t break any rules,” one alumnus said. “Internet usage was a privilege and was monitored.” TV, on the other hand, was only allowed about once a week. Still, clients reported relative flexibility on these guidelines as well: “[It was] based on grounds [decided] between you and your therapist.”

Perhaps as an extension of this peaceful, flexible approach, discipline was also doled out with the client in mind. “Treatment was only as tough as you made it,” one alumnus said. “[It] was strict, but not in a bad way. It was more rewarding than anything [else].” Others echoed the same sentiment and said they had plenty of fond memories of their time at Acqua. “There [were] many alternative methods offered,” one alumnus said. Another thought warmly of the time spent in groups with the other clients. “We would read from the [Big Book] and then discuss what [we’d] read,” they said. “It would almost always lead into our own life experience. It brings me to tears just thinking about it.”

Bonus Amenities

Though the facility’s clinical care is definitely comprehensive, a major part of the schedule is also reserved for holistic treatment and activities as well. According to alumni, everyone was given a gym membership to a nearby athletic center, which residents can attend daily. Weekly yoga and fitness classes were also included, though most impressive is the off-site recreational therapy. “[It ranged] from hiking and fishing to equine therapy, snow shoeing, archery and working with the National Abilities Center,” one alumnus said. In all, those who like the great outdoors are sure not to be bored here.


The overwhelming consensus was that Acqua Recovery was worth the investment. “I loved working with Deb,” one alumnus said. “She taught me a lot of coping skills and [was] understanding and sensitive to my needs.” While a few people requested a little more medical support—getting “complete blood work” done would’ve helped, some said—most said the program was the breath of fresh air that they needed.

Acqua Recovery

100 N Johnson Mill Rd

Midway, UT

(844) 654-3700

Acqua Recovery Cost: $18,000 (30 days); accepts insurance. Find Acqua Recovery on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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