Ex-Kiss Guitarist Ace Frehley Details Phone Call That Made Him Get Sober

By Desiree Bowie 11/25/19

"She goes, ‘Dad, it’s time to stop.’ She goes, ‘You better call your sponsor and tell them to take you to a meeting tonight.’"

Ace Frehley

In an interview with Eddie Trunk, ex-Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley opened up about getting sober and the unlikely phone call that helped him realize it was time to get help.

Frehley, who has been sober for 13 years, revealed on SiriusXm's Eddie Trunk Live!, that he first drank alcohol at the age of 13 and didn't stop until he got a life-changing phone call in 2006.

The Call That Changed His Life

“I ended up with five girls in my room in Vegas. I think I kept it going for another month. And then I got a phone call from my daughter, Monique, and she was living in Florida at the time,” he detailed, according to Ultimate Classic Rock

“A lot of alcoholics talk about how they had that moment of clarity… Monique called me up and she goes, ‘Dad, I heard you been drinking again.’ I go, ‘Yeah, but I haven’t done anything else bad, you know? I haven’t done any coke yet, I haven’t done any pills.’ She goes, ‘Dad, it’s time to stop.’ She goes, ‘You better call your sponsor and tell them to take you to a meeting tonight.’"

Frehley took her words to heart and after a few beats he relented.

"I looked in the mirror and I looked like shit. I just said to her, ‘Alright, honey, I’ll give Jimmy a call.’ … he came and picked me up right after dinner, he took me to my first meeting, and that was 13 years ago," Frehley said. "He’s like my guardian angel on earth; I got a lot of them floating around me – after 10 car accidents, someone’s got to be helping me!”

Fans have expressed their gratitude to Frehley for being so forthcoming about his sobriety.

“[E]very time I perform a concert I usually have meet-and-greets after the show… at least one person comes up to me and says, ‘Ace, I’ve been sober two years,’ ‘Ace, I’ve been sober five years,’" Frehley shared. "I’m helping people live longer lives, more fruitful lives, because I’m a power of example. Go figure!”

Other Kiss Members

Back in 2017, Frehley's former Kiss bandmate Gene Simmons, who's no stranger to controversy, said in an interview with the Chicago Tribune that he attributes his success to the fact that he does not imbibe.

"I've never done drugs or alcohol, never smoked cigarettes, so my soul is intact,” Simmons told reporter Allison Steward. Drummer Peter Criss battled cocaine addiction during the band's peak and beyond but hasn't taken drugs since 1984


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