Aaron Carter Unleashes Twitter Rant About Brother Nick, Addiction

By Paul Gaita 09/04/19

The 31-year-old singer took to Twitter to air his grievances about his family over the holiday weekend.

Aaron Carter

Pop singer Aaron Carter issued a blistering fusillade of tweets over the Labor Day weekend, aimed at targets ranging from his brother Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys, to addiction and their family, before appearing to recant and blame the Twitterstorm on being "in a bad place emotionally."

The initial round of tweets—now deleted from his account—were centered around his elder brother and in particular, Nick Carter's son, Odin, whom the younger Carter alleged he had never met. From there, Aaron took swings at his brother's wife, whom he described as a "recovering addict," his brother's memoir Facing the Music and Living to Talk About It, and other members of his family. 

Emotional Tweets

When fans suggested that photos of Carter and his nephew existed, Carter tweeted that the meeting may have taken place when he was struggling with addiction. One day after the online outburst, Carter took to Twitter to note that he was "in a bad place emotionally" at the time of the tweets, and hoped to see his "whole family dynamic heal."

Carter's furious Twitter flurry kicked off early on Sunday (Sept. 1), as he was flying from Baltimore, Maryland to Los Angeles, California. After posting that he was looking forward to spending time with friends, Carter fired off a tweet demanding that someone post a photo of him with his nephew, Odin, who is Nick Carter's three-year-old son and featured regularly on his parents' social media accounts.

From there, Aaron lit into his brother, whom he claimed was like a stranger to him ("Nick and I don't know each other") and exclaimed that he loved "Oden [sic] even though I might never know you."

Estranged Brothers

Nick Carter's issues with drug and alcohol addiction, which he addressed in his book, were the focus of his brother's next round of tweets. "Both Nick and [wife] Lauren [Kitt] are allegedly recovering addicts and should know better," he wrote. He eventually took on his entire family, whom he described as "all [having] had their own shortcomings and shuns me?! My mother?! My Sister Bobbie Jean?!"

After advising that Nick "keep his families' shortcomings out of books," Aaron added that he may have met Odin, but "didn't have him when I was sober… I don't remember." He concluded the tweets by noting that he was advised to "keep things off of social media, but Nick can write a book knowing his family, {BESIDES ME) can NOT defend themselves?"

Response from Carter's followers expressed sympathy for his grievances, while others stated, "It's sad people feel like their [sic] entitled to attack others so they feel good about themselves."

On Monday (Sept. 2), Aaron posted that his anger was motivated by emotions, as well as a visit to their mother, Jane, from whom Nick is estranged. "I'm upset that Nick didn't even seem to care and I had to be the man of the family and take charge," Aaron wrote about the visit, before adding, "I'd still like to see the whole family dynamic heal."

Aaron Carter spent two months in rehab in 2017 for dependency on painkillers, though he later told media sources in 2018 that he still smoked marijuana and drank alcohol, which drew alarmed responses from addiction and mental health experts.

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