AA Supporters Gather In Dubai For Addiction Convention

By Brent McCluskey 11/11/15

Alcoholics Anonymous has been growing in the Arab world.

AA in Dubai
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Alcoholics Anonymous helps to change the lives of thousands of struggling alcoholics every year by providing support through a community where addicts know they’re not alone.

Last week, about 100 AA delegates from 15 countries across Asia came together in Dubai, on November 6-7, at Alcoholics Anonymous’ regional biannual meeting to discuss ways to continue to spread their message of hope and let people know sobriety is indeed possible.

John L., Asia Oceania’s regional chairman, believes that one of the reason’s AA is so successful is “one alcoholic carries the message to another alcoholic,” citing that the need has never been greater for non-judgmental, self-supported assistance for those struggling with addiction.

“The purpose of the regional meetings is to see how we can, at a country-to-country level, carry the message,” he said, adding that alcoholism is extremely difficult to champion given that “it’s cunning, baffling and powerful.”

Founded in 1935, Alcoholic Anonymous celebrates its 80th anniversary this year and has been helping people for decades in 180 countries with 115,326 groups worldwide with over two million sober members.

Around 300 members are now active in Dubai’s AA group, which was founded in 1977 by Tom L., who said the group works because when recovering addicts come together and connect, something powerful happens.

“We call it the language of the heart. It’s one sufferer to another sufferer,” he said.

The delegates hope to use this meeting in Dubai to discuss ways to continue to promote sobriety in their chapters over the next two years.

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