7 Sober Date Ideas You’ll Love

By The Fix staff 06/10/19

This summer, shake up your sober dating routine.

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When you’re drinking, it’s easy to fall back on tried-and-true date options, like afterwork drinks or catching a live show at your favorite bar. While these date ideas are quick and easy, people who are sober dating have the opportunity to explore more unusual date ideas that are fun, exciting and healthy.

Whether you are looking for a long-term relationship or just want to have more fun in recovery, summer is a great time to give sober dating a try. Although dating without drugs and alcohol can be intimidating, it can also be incredibly rewarding. Connect with someone else who is single and sober, then try out these seven sober dates that are perfect for summer.

  1. Hiking
    The summer is the perfect time to get outside and connect with people in nature. Going on hikes with your sober date allows you to explore new areas and connect, without the pressure of having to have on-going conversation over dinner or coffee.

    You don’t need to be scaling mountains to enjoy summer hikes. Even talking a gentle stroll on a flat path like a rail trail has great health benefits: your blood pressure and heart rate calm while you’re in nature and so does your mind. That makes a hike the perfect healthy way to connect with a new love interest.
  1. Summer Concert Series
    Going to a live show at a bar or nightclub might be triggering, so if you’re sober dating opt instead for an outdoor summer concert series. Many cities and towns have live music throughout the summer, and these events are a great way to see up-and-coming musical talent.

Because these are family-friendly events there is often little emphasis on drinking, which makes them perfect for people who are sober dating. Instead of packing a cooler with alcohol, load up with sparkling water or iced tea and enjoy a much more wholesome night on the town.

  1. Amusement Parks
    If you want a sober date idea that will give you a rush of dopamine in a way that is totally in line with your recovery, why not head to an amusement park? You and your love interest can bond over the thrill of roller coasters and cuddle close on the slower rides. Complete your day with an ice cream or root-beer float to complete this sober date that will have you feeling like a kid again.
  1. Museums
    While it’s nice to get outside during the summer, sometimes the weather is just too hot or too wet to allow you to take advantage of nature. On those days, take your sober date to a museum. Many museums have summer pass programs that allow you to visit at a lower cost, and others are open evenings, making them the perfect after-dark sober date option. For extra fun, check out limited-time exhibitions and installments.
  1. Guided Kayaking
    Most people love to get out on the water during the summer. But instead of baking on the beach or taking a quick dip in a swimming hole, opt for a new perspective by taking a kayak tour. Whether you go out on a lake, river or ocean, your guide will point out architecture and nature that you may not have noticed before.
  1. Baseball Game
    Baseball is a tried and true summer pastime for a reason. Even if you’re not particularly into the game, spending the afternoon or evening at a stadium can be a great sober date, with silly games and favorite ballpark traditions, like hot dogs and a lemonade. Minor-league teams often have extra entertainment and lower ticket prices, making them a great, affordable date option.
  1. Farmer’s Markets
    As the locavore movement has taken off, farmers markets have sprung up in nearly every town and neighborhood throughout the country. Farmers markets are a great opportunity to try local products ranging from baked goods to jams to fruits and vegetables. Gather ingredients with your date and enjoy cooking a meal together, or stay at the farmers market to enjoy live music and great people watching.

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