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12 Keys Rehab

By The Fix staff 08/15/17

12 Keys Rehab of Jenson, Florida is a luxury treatment facility that combines traditional 12-step approaches with scientific findings and spiritual elements to treat chemical dependency and co-occurring disorders.

12 Keys Rehab
Location : 618 Northeast Jensen Beach Blvd Jensen Beach, FL 34957
Phone : (866) 480-4328
Price : $20,000 (30 days) Private cabins are an addtional $4,000
Overall :
Accommodations :
Treatment :
Food :
Insurance : Yes
Detox : Yes

Introduction and Basic Services

12 Keys Rehab of Jenson, Florida is a luxury treatment facility that combines traditional 12-step approaches with scientific findings and spiritual elements to treat chemical dependency and co-occurring disorders. 12-Keys is operated by Dr. Victor Balta, the medical director and addiction specialist with over 25 years of experience, who is joined by several other professional team members who bring their expertise to provide the utmost in individualized programming.

Facility and Meals

There are a couple of options for accommodations while staying at 12-keys. There is the main house that offers both private and semi-private rooms, shared with one other person. And there are 15 cabana style cabins that are all private and set throughout the water front property, which is on 10 acres. All in all, 12 Keys can accommodate up to 30 clients at once.

The main house is a converted mansion that not only offers a lot of space but exquisite design and comfort. There is a huge state of the art kitchen, covered patios throughout, living rooms and lounges with plush couches and televisions. The cabins also have flat screen TVs and private bathrooms. Additionally, there is an olympic sized swimming pool that all clients have access to.

For those who simply can’t take time off of work while in treatment, 12 Keys does allow clients to have their personal devices, cell phones and laptops, though there are limits to when they can be used.

All meals are prepared by professional chefs who offer up to two delicious options per meal time. The food is organic and served family style in the dining room where all clients gather to eat together. The chefs are able to take requests as well.

Treatment Protocol and Team

The treatment model is broken down into 12 parts, hence the name 12 Keys. This model takes into account body, spirit, science and family. While treatment at this facility has a 12-step foundation there are additional elements that lead to clients’ long-term success. Though the programs are on a 30, 60 or 90 day track, there is no set amount of time that clients are expected to remain in treatment.

For those who need detox, there is a separate housing to accommodate the three to seven day process that is monitored 24 hours a day by medical professionals. Once completed clients move into the residential program which consists of several group sessions daily, AA meetings, psychoeducational lectures and individual therapy. Treatment balances programming, recreation and relaxation.

Therapeutic approaches vary and can include EMDR, Biofeedback, CBT and DBT. There are off site 12-step meetings that clients are transported to nightly, and relapse prevention groups. Those with a dual diagnosis do have access to medication management, through a large part of treatment is really in the individual attention and therapy they receive weekly.

The 12 Keys staff is comprised of highly experienced and caring professional therapists and clinicians. This includes psychiatrists, psychologists, medical doctors and nurses, and CAPs.

Bonus Amenities

There are a variety of recreational activities offered on a daily basis to clients. There is an off-site gym and yoga that clients can get rides to every day. Additionally, there are hiking excursions, deep sea fishing adventures, movie and bowling nights, horseback riding, paddle boarding and more.


12 Keys feels more like an exotic resort than a detox and rehab facility, but it offers some of the best treatment available in the US. It’s essentually luxury level care at a relatively affordable cost. The programming is led by highly trained professionals who stress the idea that life can be so much for fulfilling once one gets off drugs and alcohol, and they provide the steps necessary to reach that goal.

12 Keys Rehab

618 Northeast Jensen Beach Blvd

Jensen Beach, FL 34957

(866) 480-4328

12 Keys Rehab Cost: $20,000 (30 days, private cabins are an addtional $4,000); insurance accepted. Find 12 Keys Rehab on Facebook and Twitter

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