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Son of Former DC Mayor Popped for PCP

The notorious Marion Barry was twice smoking caught crack while serving as Washington's mayor. Now his son Christopher seems to be following in his footsteps.


Like father, like son. Photo via atlantapost

By Dirk Hanson


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Just-released court documents reveal that Christopher Barry, 31, son of disgraced former DC Mayor Marion Barry, was arrested after police found “more PCP than one person could use” in his apartment. In addition, officers discovered five sandwich bag’s worth of marijuana. Ellen Thompson writes at PoliticOlogy: “If you’re into the comedy stylings of Dave Chappelle, you’ll remember that Christopher’s father, Marion Barry was caught smoking crack in a hotel room back with a hooker in 1990 during his third term as Washington DC Mayor. His constituents didn't seem to mind. After winning another term in City Hall, Marion went on to serve a six month sentence before being busted for drugs for a second time. Since 2004 he’s been repeatedly reelected to D.C.'s city council representing the ward he and his son live in, which is one of the city’s poorest communities. “

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