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Charlie Sheen's Comic Book Bio—Now in a Bookstore Near You

A New Series of Comic-Book Bios Sets Out To Graphically  Depict the Lives of Hollywood's Most Troubled Stars. First Up: Charlie Sheen.


You got that right...

By Jason Gotlieb


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You've seen the meltdown, now read the comic book! This, presumably is the rationale behind Infamous: Charlie Sheen, a graphic, kind of grotesque biography published by Bluewater Productions that just hit bookstores yesterday. As it happens, the illustrated book is just the first in a continuing series that's being promoted as Behind The Music for the Comicon crowd. (Next month the piblisher is bring out a new bio on Lindsay Lohan!) Written by Marc Shapiro and illustrated by Fred Grivaud, the Sheen book tries to "tackle substance abuse and mental health issues through the prism of the actor's troubles" claims a breatless press release for the book. In fact, Infamous is a long way from inspirational. Instead it features colorful illustrations with captions such as: "Charlie melts down at the NY Plaza Hotel. Snorts COKE, drinks like a fish...trashes hotel...TRAUMATIZES escort...nobody does it better." Momentous dates in the actor's history are recorded in garish five color: "On May 20, 1998, Charlie OVERDOSED after injecting himself with COCAINE," reads a typical caption, set against a blueish illustration of a forearm being pricked by a painful-looking needle. Alcohol- and drug-infused domestic violence and divorce follow, before.  Then "In February 2010, Charlie announced that he was taking a break from Two and a Half Men to enter a rehab facility." A smirking Sheen is then pictured in the arms of two huge cops: "New York's finest took Charlie to a local hospital for observation where he was subsequently released." A surreal image, with Sheen's neck weirdly elongated, carries the commentary, "...Taking and passing drug tests, demanding a raise to return to Two and a Half Men..." But we all know what happened. Fired from the hit show, "Charlie swung a machete through the air and yelled, 'I'm Free!'" The book's closing depicts Sheen on a rooftop, backed by a reddish sky, with an odd look on his face and a machete, a cigarette and a bottle held aloft in his hands—bearing the addiction-conscious legend, "Charlie Sheen is truly free... For now." Very Tasteful!  Tres INspirational. We just can't wait for the Britney bio.

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