Addiction Blog – ‘A’ is for addiction

A comprehensive blog covering trends and discoveries in both chemical and behavioral addiction treatment.

Addiction Inbox

A blog written by Dirk Hanson, former Senior Contributing Editor of The Fix, that contains articles and health studies about the science behind substance abuse.

Brain Posts

A blog devoted to analysis and commentary on research in clinical neuroscience, including the effects of drugs and alcohol, by research psychiatrist Bill Yates.

CPDD Community Website

A blog run by the College on Problems of Drug Dependence that provides information on substance abuse research, treatment, and related issues.

Dawn Farm Addiction and Recovery News

A blog written from the addict’s point of view on behalf of the Dawn Farm community of programs, providing news and articles on addiction and recovery.

Discovering Alcoholic

A personal blog by a recovering alcoholic, ranging from news and celebrity commentary to whimsical musings.

Drinking Diaries

A blog about women and drinking, with contributions from such writers as Jennifer Egan, Julie Powell and Kathryn Harrison.

Drug Monkey

A blog written by an anonymous drug researcher at the National Institutes of Health about ‘careerism in science’ and drugs.

Mental Health Update

A blog that summarizes research on psychology, psychiatry, mental health and drugs and addiction in plain English.


A blog written by two anthropological academics that includes coverage of drugs and addiction.

Neurological Correlates

A blog written by an anonymous biopharmaceutical industry insider that focuses on issues related to dysfunctional behavior, such as addiction.


A brain blog written by an anonymous UK neuroscientist that frequently analyzes scientific findings concerning drugs and addiction.

Parent Pathway

Three moms whose children struggle with substance abuse share their experiences.

Recovery People

An Austin-based weekly podcast for the Recovery Community, featuring activists, authors, artists, researchers, thought leaders, and other news makers.

Suboxone Talk Zone: A Suboxone Blog

Questions and Answers about Opioid Dependence and Buprenorphine

Terra Sigillata

A science-oriented drug blog written by David J. Kroll, PhD, a molecular cancer pharmacologist and state university professor in the southern US.


A privately run site that aims to present AA honestly and perhaps suggest a back to basics approach.

Wall Street Journal Health Blog

A blog providing coverage of pharmaceutical developments, as well as news on general health and substance abuse.