Creed's Scott Stapp Is Five Years Sober

By Kelly Burch 03/06/19

"Nothing is more important than my sobriety,” the Creed singer said.

Creed's Scott Stapp
Photo via Instagram

Rock star Scott Stapp, frontman for the band Creed, took to Instagram to show off a new, clean-cut hairstyle as he heads into his fifth year of sobriety. 

Stapp shared a picture on Instagram of him with his 14-month-old son, but without his signature long hair.

“Headed to Puerto Rico for a show this Saturday at Luis A. Ferré Performing Arts Center in Bellas Artes. Going to miss my little guy. I think he’s digging the new cut,” Stapp wrote, according to People

Recently, Stapp signed with Napalm Records, according to Blabbermouth, and said that his continued career success is possible because he always focuses first on his recovery.

"Nothing is more important than my sobriety,” he said. 

At a recent MusiCares event, Stapp thanked the organization for supporting musicians who are trying to get sober. 

He said, “I still have a lot of music ahead me and without MusiCares that wouldn't have been possible. They provided support and helped educate my wife and I on what we were going through, that it was a disease, and if I did my part, it could be treated and recovered from. Thanks to MusiCares and my family, I'm going on five years sober."

2014 was a dark year for the singer, and he talked about being broke, financially and emotionally. However, his family helped him get sober and realize that he was dealing with an underlying mental health issue. 

“A couple of years ago when I really hit bottom, and realized that I was dealing with more than just addiction, and fighting bipolar [disorder], untreated,” Stapp, who is now 45, told People in 2016. “That was a huge turning point for me, and then coming to the place where I almost lost my family. That was really an eye-opener, and it put me in a position where I’d be willing to do anything for that not to happen. And that’s really where you’ve got to be to make changes in your life.”

Once he was able to get sober, he was able to focus on his family and welcome their newest addition, Anthony, who smiled in Stapp’s recent Instagram post. 

“I’m in recovery, I’m sober, and really experiencing life all over again for the first time,” he said. “It’s an exciting time and it’s good to feel, and to be able to share this with my family.”

He said his family is what keeps him sober. 

“It’s been the only thing in my life that has given me purpose to fight the demons, and to keep going on. Without their love, and without these kids here, there were times when I just didn’t know whether to go on anymore.”

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