Summit Malibu

By The Fix staff 06/26/13

This intimate California rehab is a good choice for anyone doesn’t want to feel like just another cog in the system. And, says one resident, “Everyone is so nice!”

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Summit Malibu. Photo via
Location : Malibu, Calif.
Phone : (888) 777-9672
Price : $48,000 for 28 days (shared room; $58,000 private room)
Overall :
Accommodations :
Treatment :
Food :
Insurance : Yes
Detox : Yes

Summit Malibu is a small, private treatment facility with a max capacity of just seven people. As an intimate program, it’s a good option for anyone who’s been to a larger-scale treatment center and felt like they slipped through the cracks.

“Everyone was so nice!” one former resident said of the Summit Malibu staff. Another added, “The owner took me for a walk on the beach and talked to me about his own struggles with addiction.” The patients are friendly too, meaning the small group of rehabbers often bonds quickly. “My fellow residents seemed to really care about me and understood the problems I was going through,” one said. The program tends to attract people in their mid-20s to late 40s, who range from moderately to extremely wealthy (although a small number of residents are welcomed for free).

The program is not 12-step-based, and religion is de-emphasized, but staff members are willing to take residents to AA meetings, if they wish. Some former patients described the style as a “combination of tough love and compassion,” based on what each individual needed. There are no medical doctors in residence, but they come by for check-ups. One former patient recalled, “The doctors were really helpful with getting my medication right.”

Rule breaking is rare, but when infractions do happen, they are handled discreetly. “I got in trouble for going into someone else’s room,” one person said, “and then one of the staff members talked to me privately and explained that I was not allowed to do that.”

Speaking of rooms, you probably won’t want to leave yours. The accommodations are “beautiful,” especially the master suite. Some residents have roommates, while others do not (for an extra $10,000), and there are no chores. “Daily life was quality treatment,” one former resident said. Activities include yoga, working out at the gym, hiking, massages, a nail salon day, off-site outings, and swimming in the pool. “The backyard has a beautiful view of the Pacific,” said one past resident. If there’s another activity you’d like to try, speak up. “They customized the program to fit my needs,” one person said. Internet, TV and cell phones all are allowed during designated times, which mostly means whenever you are not in group or sessions. Personal laptops and phones also are collected from residents each night, at tech-curfew time.

The gourmet food receives the highest praise from former residents. “I have eaten at many top-quality restaurants and Summit’s food is right up there,” one declared. Fan favorites include “perfectly cooked” steak, gluten-free pizza, pesto shrimp and sushi. “There was nothing I did not like because the chef asked what I liked and cooked around that,” explained one alum. Added another: “I remember not liking something, so then the chef made something else.” Snacks and coffee are always on offer as well.

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