New Breathalyzer App Calls Uber If You’re Over the Limit

By Brent McCluskey 10/28/14

Breeze can measure your BAC with an electrochemical fuel cell sensor and transmit the results right to your smartphone.

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A new breathalyzer app is keeping drunk drivers off the street by automatically calling them a ride if they’re over the legal limit.

Users blow into a portable breathalyzer called Breeze, which pairs to a smartphone via Bluetooth. If Breeze determines it’s not safe to get behind the wheel, the app places a call to Uber, a transportation service that allows customers to request a ride right from their phones.

Vice president of marketing Brian Sturdivant said the device will help drinkers make the right decision. “This is really about consumer awareness and being able to make the right decision and learn more about yourself,” said Sturdivant.

Breeze, which will be available for $100 at Best Buy starting Nov. 1, measures blood alcohol content with an electrochemical fuel cell sensor. The results are transmitted to the app, along with an estimated time of how long it will take the user to metabolize the alcohol in their system. The app also syncs with Apple’s HealthKit platform and keeps tracks of the user’s BAC as well as other vital signs.

While similar products are currently on the market, Breeze stands apart by its ability to get the user home safely. The app can be programmed to automatically contact Uber, but it can also be set to use Yelp to find local cab companies. Or, if the user doesn’t want to go home, the app can locate a nearby hotel.

It can be easy to lose track of how much alcohol has been consumed, or how much time has passed. But Sturdivant said Breeze will let users know exactly where they stand and whether or not they should drive.

“It’s 10:30, do you really know how many glasses of wine you’ve had or where you are?” said Sturdivant. “This allows you and others to quickly check and [decide] should I Uber home, should I take a cab or am I good to go?”

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