Ireland Accidentally Legalizes Psychoactive Drugs

By May Wilkerson 03/11/15

Thanks to a loophole in an old law, drug takers can take just about anything legally until Thursday morning.

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Whoops! Ireland accidentally legalized over a hundred drugs yesterday, including ecstasy, ketamine, and crystal meth thanks to a loophole in the country’s drug laws.

On Tuesday morning, the Irish Court of Appeal found Ireland’s 1977 Misuse of Drugs Act to be unconstitutional. And though the government got to work swiftly preparing “emergency legislation” to fix the loophole, but the new law can only take effect a full day after it is signed in to law.

This means the people of Ireland can legally possess and use Class A substances until at least midnight on Thursday morning. The government released a statement explaining that drugs like marijuana, cocaine, and heroin remain illegal, but confirming that the loophole "does affect the possession of certain newer psychoactive substances.”

However, selling and supplying these drugs is still against the law, the statement adds. And for those people excited to try these newly legal substances for the first time, the Health Minister Leo Varadkar warned them to consider the “potential harmful impact they might have.”

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