Owner of Drunk Puppy Banned From Keeping Dogs

By Will Godfrey 01/05/12

A DJ's dog had to be put on a drip for hours.

Max now has a new home. Photo via

A British court has banned a man whose puppy got drunk on vodka and coke from keeping dogs for three years. Matthew Cox, 26, was drinking with his roommate back in August. He left his drink on the floor when he went out for a smoke and his six-month-old Labrador, Max, drank the lot. But rather than take the animal to a vet, the owner—also drunk—left it at home and went out to DJ. Max was later spotted reeling and falling to the ground outside some shops near Cox's home in Nottingham. Concerned cops took rushed the dog to a vet, where he was placed on a drip for at least eight hours—followed by another 12 hours the next day—to flush out all the booze. Cox admitted failing to ensure an animal's welfare. Magistrate J.A. Smith called his actions "not malicious," but "downright stupid." Drunken dogs also hit the UK headlines back in October, when a court spared the life of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier that mauled a 10-year-old boy, because the animal had been given alcohol. Max has now been found a new home.

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