'You Could End Up The Same Way': New ‘Mannequin Challenge’ Video Shows Worst Outcome of Heroin Addiction

By Victoria Kim 11/30/16

The "Worst Outcome Mannequin Challenge" showcases the grim impact that heroin addiction has on loved ones left behind. 

'You Could End Up The Same Way': New ‘Mannequin Challenge’ Video Shows Worst Outcome of Heroin Addiction
Photo via YouTube

In a new twist on the “mannequin challenge,” one video gets to the heart of the opioid epidemic. 

Titled “The Worst Outcome Mannequin Challenge,” the video is a collaboration between YouTubers Blay and Ay and the Grant County Sheriff’s Office in Williamstown, Kentucky.

Northern Kentucky, much like neighboring Cincinnati just over the state line, is dealing with a growing heroin problem, which has led to a dramatic rise in the rate of hepatitis B and C cases, according to the state health department

Jefferson County, Kentucky’s most populous county, saw the most fatal overdoses in the state in 2015, according to a report by the Kentucky Office of Drug Control Policy. According to the report, fatal overdoses increased by 31% in Jefferson County last year, while fatal overdoses throughout all of Kentucky rose by 17%.

The new mannequin challenge takes the viral video sensation and uses it to bring awareness to the grim reality of losing lives to heroin and the impact it has on loved ones left behind. 

The video is a scene frozen in time—the “actors” hold poses as the camera pans across the scene, as if someone has pressed the pause button on reality.

Onlookers and family are gathered outside as paramedics make their way to the house. As you get closer, you can see a young boy leaving out of the front door, his hand over his face. Inside the house a police officer is on bended knee trying to console a stone-faced toddler. 

The camera zooms in on family photos displayed throughout the living room. They show a happy family. It then pans to a side table where you see a used syringe lying next to a pack of fresh needles. As the camera pans over the rest of the living room, it reveals a group of adults who have overdosed, seated motionless on couches and recliners. 

At the end of the video, the actors leave the viewer with a message: “If you or someone you know is suffering from heroin addiction, don’t just stand still. Get help. It may save yours or someone else’s life.”

Thomas Worthington, who worked on the video, lost his cousin to overdose in February. “There’s tons of people who feel it every day, losing a family member to drugs,” he told WCPO Cincinnati. As of Wednesday morning, the video had over 150,000 views on YouTube.

YouTubers Blay and Ay, who collaborated on the video, wrapped it up with their own message. “This is all too of a common outcome for heroin addicts,” said Blay as he kneeled next to the tombstone of a loved one who died of a fatal overdose. 

“We loved Jerry. Wish we could have got him a little more help, any help, before this happened,” he said. “Don’t fuck around with this. You could end up the same way.”

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