WWE Legend X-Pac Arrested For Smuggling Meth, Marijuana

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WWE Legend X-Pac Arrested For Smuggling Meth, Marijuana

By Kelly Burch 05/05/17

X-Pac insists that the drug-smuggling incident was all a misunderstanding. 

X-Pac on the set of "X-Pac 1,2,360" on Afterbuzz TV
X-Pac on the set of "X-Pac 1,2,360" on Afterbuzz TV Photo via YouTube

WWE wrestling icon X-Pac, whose legal name is Sean Waltman, was arrested at LAX last weekend after customs officials allegedly discovered that he was traveling with methamphetamine and marijuana. 

Waltman, 44, was arrested at the airport and brought to jail where he was booked for possession of a controlled substance and possession of a narcotic with intent to sell, which is a felony change. After he was transported to jail, law enforcement officials also found a warrant stemming from a prior DUI arrest. His bail was set at $35,000, and he has since been released, according to TMZ.

Waltman was traveling to a wrestling event in the UK at the time of his arrest. International Pro Wrestling United Kingdom posted a message on Facebook on Saturday that X-Pac would not be attending the scheduled event and that no one had heard from him. 

Police say that he was carrying 38 capsules containing amphetamine or methamphetamine, three chocolate weed bars, a few liquid weed cigarettes and $736.10 in cash. Officials suspect that he intended to sell the drugs in the United Kingdom.

“The large quantity of pills plus the large quantity of U.S. currency are associated with narcotics sales,” police said, according to TMZ. Waltman was on a Customs and Border Patrol watchlist for narcotics, and drug-sniffing dogs alerted officials to the drugs over the weekend. 

TMZ reached out to Waltman’s representative, who said that X-Pac was “fine,” but did not provide any other details. Waltman later said that the pills were not meth that he was hoping to sell, but were medication for a yeast infection. 

"I know the truth will come out," X-Pac told TMZ on the set of his show, X-Pac 1,2,360, on AfterBuzz TV. “In the meantime, oh what a mess man.”

He admitted that he has struggled with drug abuse in the past, but insists that this incident was all a misunderstanding. “I was one of the worst meth heads ever,” he said, before insisting that he has changed. 

In the past, Waltman told Steve Austin that he "got real bad" on crystal meth when he first moved to LA. He has been arrested on possession charges multiple times. He was also in a relationship with WWE wrester Chyna, who died last year with multiple drugs in her system. 

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