Woman Arrested After Asking Police To Test Needle For Meth

By Keri Blakinger 05/22/17

The police honored her request and then took her to jail for drug possession.

Sammi Breeden
Sammi Breeden via Miami County Sheriff Department

An Indiana woman is facing charges after she allegedly asked police to check her needle for meth. 

Sammi Breeden found herself with a prickly problem after she encountered officers responding to a suspicious persons call in the tiny town of Peru, according to WEVV-TV

When police approached her, the 20-year-old reportedly told them she’d been using meth earlier in the day. She said she’d shot up, but wasn’t sure that she’d definitely done meth because the high didn’t feel right. 

When cops called an ambulance for medical support, they found Breeden’s needle—so she asked them to test it to confirm that she’d really been doing meth. When the test came back positive, Breeden was arrested for possession of a syringe as well as possession of meth. 

This certainly isn’t the only time a bizarre request to police has landed a drug user behind bars. Less than a week earlier, police in Washington arrested a driver who asked a cop to ignore multiple baggies of coke in his car in exchange for free Taco Bell. 

Eric Xavier Vela Arriaga was accused of cocaine possession after a sharp-eyed cop allegedly spotted some blow in Arriaga's center console during a traffic stop, according to Pasco Police. When the officer questioned the man about the baggies, he claimed they were just residue and offered a fast food “hook-up” in the future. 

“Officer Glass thanked him for the offer, since he likes Taco Bell, but declined,” police said in a release. A later search of the car revealed more drugs, prompting prosecutors to review the case for the possible addition of intent to deliver and attempted bribery charges. 

A more memorable drug-related blunder late last year landed another Washington man in cuffs and facing serious charges, Seattle police reported. In September 2016, a 19-year-old man went to police to ask if they’d found a lost briefcase. “It contained some important work paperwork and he really needed it back,” he reportedly told officers. 

And as it happened, police had found the suitcase—and its coke-y contents. Earlier that day, a man had turned in the ownerless bag outside a Seahawks game. He said a stranger had stopped to pet his dog and then strolled off without his baggage.

So the dog-owning do-gooder turned the case over to cops. Hoping to find the bag’s rightful owner, an officer opened it—and found 154 grams of suspected cocaine, 50 diazepam, a scale, some pot and the 19-year-old’s ID. 

When the bag’s distressed owner turned up to claim his “paperwork,” he was arrested and booked into the King County jail.

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