Woman Arrested After Allegedly Stashing Drugs In Her Wig

By Keri Blakinger 06/29/17

Police found 25 ecstasy tablets and a quarter pound of cocaine under the woman's wig.

The woman's wig and the baggies of drugs that were found sewed into it.
photo via Coffee County Sheriff's Office

Maybe she shouldn’t have wigged out. 

A Georgia woman accused of stashing coke and ecstasy in her wig is facing some legal snarls after police arrested her Saturday on felony drug charges.

The headache started for Delenea Camille Jones when police arrested her on drug possession and distribution charges in the wee hours of Saturday morning, according to The Macon Telegraph. But things only got hairier when she was booked into jail in neighboring Coffee County – and refused to take off her wig. 

When Jones got angry, deputies forcibly removed the long wig and got right to the root of the problem. Under the counterfeit coif, authorities allegedly found 25 ecstasy tabs and a quarter pound of coke – an undoubtedly impressive haul for a top-of-head drug smuggling effort. 

The 36-year-old is now also facing charges for cocaine trafficking and possession of ecstasy with intent to distribute. Records from nearby Glynn County show Jones has been in and out of jail 16 times in the past 16 years – but it’s not clear if she sported a wig for any of her previous jail stays. 

This isn’t the only bizarre drug arrest that’s landed Coffee County criminals in the news this week. 

On Sunday, Warren Preston-Chandler Anderson was arrested with a substance he says was pop rocks – but police say was meth. 

The 30-year-old wasn’t wearing a seatbelt when deputies pulled over the car he was riding in, according to the Macon paper. But during the traffic stop, Anderson took a swig from a Styrofoam cup while pulled over on the side of the road. 

Inside the cup, authorities spotted a rocky substance – but Anderson dismissed it as a sweet snack.

“Anderson claimed the substance was ‘pop rocks’ candy,” sheriffs said in a press release. “But further investigation determined it to be methamphetamine.” 

Anderson was booked into the Coffee County Jail facing charges for meth possession and a seat belt violation. 

To the north, another Coffee County boasted an even weirder drug arrest earlier this month when a Bonnaroo-goer told police he was “doing God’s work” after he was found with 1,000 fake hits of acid, 20 faux blow bags, and a slew of other imposter drugs. 

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Keri Blakinger is a former drug user and current reporter living in Texas. She covers breaking news for the Houston Chronicle and previously worked for the New York Daily News and the Ithaca Times. She has written about drugs and criminal justice for the Washington Post, Salon, Quartz and more. She loves dogs and is not impressed by rodeo food. Find Keri on LinkedIn and Twitter.