Woman Aims To Open "Coffee Rehab," A Safe Space For Those In Recovery

By Beth Leipholtz 02/06/19

“This is an opportunity to get out and to be around people and to not have the temptation of alcohol,” said the Minnesota entrepreneur.

people hanging out at a coffee shop for those in recovery

If you’ve ever gone through the process of getting sober, you likely know how difficult it can be to find alcohol-free spaces to spend time socializing.

For this reason, one Minnesota woman in recovery is working on opening a new coffee shop aimed at the recovery community.

Katy Armendariz tells Fox 9 that the coffee shop, called Coffee Rehab, would have late hours and serve as a safe space for individuals in recovery. 

“This is where the tables will be and everyone can come and gather and order their drink or food and play cards, socialize and have a sense of community,” Armendariz tells Fox 9. 

Armendariz says she recently left treatment for substance use disorder and knows how important it is for those in recovery to have a judgment-free space to turn to. 

“And so I have a very close and personal connection to the recovery world and I can see myself running this coffee shop and having it be a safe place for people in recovery, people trying to get sober,” she says.

“It is increasingly difficult to find spaces that are dry places and to talk openly about your addiction,” she adds.

Armendariz also works as a social worker and tells Fox 9 that down the line, she could see the coffee shop and her business somehow overlapping.

“Minnesota Care Partner offers mental health and chemical health services,” she said. “We have an outpatient program called Roots Recovery and I envision this being the offices and a place that we offer groups. So, anyone in the coffee shop wants additional support they are able to get it right next door.”

Though in the early stages of fundraising, Armendariz says she is hopeful that a Kickstarter campaign will help her reach her goal of $250,000. As an incentive, she is offering different rewards for different pledge amounts. 

“Well, as we can see, this place needs a lot of work,” she tells Fox 9. “And, I’m hoping to get support from the community, especially the recovery community through a Kickstarter campaign and have people pledge ten dollars. If it’s $10, you get a free coffee when we’re open. If it’s $25, it’s two coffee drinks and two snacks. And there’s different pledge levels and my rewards are based on amount.”

In all, Armendariz says, it’s about creating a sense of community. 

“This is an opportunity to get out and to be around people and to not have the temptation of alcohol.”

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Beth is a Minnesota girl who got sober at age 20. By day she is a website designer, and in her spare time she enjoys writing about recovery at www.lifetobecontinued.com, doing graphic design and spending time with her boyfriend and three dogs. Find Beth on LinkedInInstagram and Twitter.