Willie Nelson’s Wife Annie Launches An Edibles Product Line

By Victoria Kim 03/30/17

Annie’s edible chocolates are gluten free, vegan and 100% raw.

Willie and Annie Nelson in 2000
Willie and Annie Nelson in 2000

Gourmet chocolates infused with a bit of THC are the latest offerings from Willie Nelson’s cannabis company, with the help of his wife Annie.

The new line of edibles are made by Annie’s Edibles, an offshoot of Willie’s Reserve, the company founded by the iconic country singer that also offers pre-rolled joints, vaporizer accessories and more. 

The “consciously sourced” chocolates mark the launch of Annie’s Edibles, and are available at dispensaries throughout Washington state, according to a press release.

The chocolates take into consideration the full spectrum of socially conscious eating. Annie wanted to cater to people with dietary restrictions “whether someone is vegan, has celiac disease or gluten allergies, [or] requires a low or balanced sweetener diet.”

Annie’s chocolates are gluten free, vegan and 100% raw. 

Even people who have a low tolerance to cannabis, or who want to start off with a low dose, don’t have to worry about being hit with too much THC at once. Each piece is infused with five milligrams of THC. 

A standard dose is typically 10 milligrams, according to Colorado’s edible dosing guidelines. Newbies should start with half of that.

While the legal cannabis industry in the U.S. braces for a possible crackdown by the Trump administration—which has made it clear that it won’t be as bud-friendly as Obama—Willie is one marijuana mogul who’s not worried. 

“Making it illegal again won’t stop people from smoking,” he told Rolling Stone in January. “They should have learned that back in prohibition days.”

In a November interview with The Cannabist, the 83-year-old country icon talked about his personal history as a cannabis user. He said cannabis, for him, is purely medicinal—a way to “calm the nerves” and connect with his creative side.

Now that the growing industry offers more choices for weed enthusiasts, Nelson prefers vaping for the sake of his singing voice.

“I’m sure lighting up a joint is not that easy on your lungs,” he told The Cannabist. “A singer has to think about stuff like that. Smoking a joint in paper is not as good for your lungs as it is doing it in a vaporizer. It’s a no-brainer, really.”

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