Weed Pizza Is Now On The Menu At A Massachusetts MMJ Dispensary

By Keri Blakinger 06/12/17

The six-inch pot pizzas are $38 each and have 125 milligrams of THC in the sauce. 

Man eating a slice of pizza out of the box.

Talk about killing two birds with one stone—or one stoner. 

A Massachusetts medical marijuana joint is attracting a green rush of attention for its inspired new idea—pot pizza. 

Ermont Inc. in the Beantown suburb of Quincy added the item to its menu about a month ago, and since then it’s garnered a number of radical reviews. “I’ve found that’s the only thing that helps,” one patient told CBS Boston.

There are no toppings offered, but the dispensary does have a number of other marijuana-infused condiments—which may or may not taste good on pizza, depending on how stoned you are. 

“A lot of our top sellers right now are olive oil, honey, peanut butter,” Seth Yaffe, the company’s director of operations, told the local TV affiliate. “We’re working on a vegan mayonnaise right now that patients will be able to put on a sandwich.” 

The six-inch pot pizzas are $38 each and have 125 milligrams of THC in the sauce. 

Ermont has been in the biz since October and focuses on using flavorless liquid cannabinoids to enhance foods in new and creative ways. 

“A lot of our patients really wanted to basically figure out a different way to medicate that didn’t always remind them that they were trying to do something to take care of themselves,” Yaffe said. “It really makes medicating seem like something that isn’t as scary.” 

Although the pot pizza concept probably seems like a green gem of an idea for potheads across the Bay State, it’s only available to those with a coveted state-issued medical marijuana ID card. 

This isn’t the first time an enterprising ganja-lover has worked to combine the cheesy goodness of pizza with the fuzzy feeling of marijuana. Last year, a New York City designer made waves with a pizza box that doubled as a bong. 

The cardboard contraption featured a small square that munchie-plagued pizza-eaters could rip out and fold up into a pipe, with the plastic stand in the middle doubling as the bowl. 

“It won’t last 100 years, but it will definitely get the job done,” designer Nikolas Gregory told the New York Daily News at the time. 

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