UFC’s Jon Jones Is Better But Not Ready For Sobriety

By Bryan Le 12/03/18

UFC fighter Jim Jones discussed addiction and striving for sobriety in a recent interview.

UFC fighter Jon Jones discussed drinking in moderation, striving for sobriety
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Jones says he’s in a “healthy place” while still occasionally drinking and smoking pot.

Jon Jones has had a controversial career tainted by drug abuse, at one time losing his title and facing an indefinite suspension over a drug-fueled hit-and-run that left a pregnant woman with a broken arm.

After rehab and finding sobriety, the former champ’s career is slowly coming back to life. However, Jones says that while he’s committed to his health, he’s not staying completely clean. When asked if he considers himself sober, Jones answered no.

“No, no, I still drink. Smoke pot too every once in awhile,” Jones told ESPN’s Ariel Helwani. “My coaches know I drink, I’m done trying to hide being . . . not like a crazy, crazy amount. Some weekends, mainly on the weekends.”

But Jones’ moderate use isn’t exactly by choice. When asked if he wants to be completely sober, Jones had a surprising answer.

“It was something that I was striving for, especially going to rehab this summer, I was striving for complete sobriety,” he told Helwani. “I’m not ready for it. It’s not who I was and not who I am in my life, in my career. And... I’m at a place where I can be honest with myself.”

The former champ has been in and out of rehab and has faced multiple suspensions from the UFC over his drug use. One of the more public incidents involved a hit-and-run in New Mexico where Jones left a pregnant woman with a broken arm at the scene of the accident in 2015. The incident came a few months after Jones was forced to go to rehab after testing positive for benzoylecgonine, an indicator of cocaine use. Jones only stayed in rehab for one night.

“I was a guy who loved to party. I was able to win my fights and I felt as though it really wasn’t affecting me that bad. I would go out on the weekend and then on Monday morning I’d be the first guy at practice, working harder than everybody else. So, I felt as though I could get away with that,” he told MMA Fighting in 2015.

UFC fans will have to wait and see if this round of getting clean will be the time Jones will knock out his problem for good. On December 29, Jones will be fighting for the first time since receiving his 15-month suspension.

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