Two Suspects In Paris Attacks Had History Of Illicit Drug Use

By May Wilkerson 11/19/15

Multiple sources claim that attackers Ibrahim and Salah Abdeslam had a history with drugs.

Sala Abdeslam
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Authorities have uncovered a drug-related history behind two of the suspects in last week’s terrorist attacks in Paris, brothers Ibrahim and Salah Abdeslam.

Salah is currently the suspect in a major manhunt across Brussels, Belgium, after the Islamic extremist group ISIS launched a string of deadly attacks on Paris last Friday, killing 132 and injuring hundreds more. His brother, Ibrahim, detonated a suicide vest during the attacks, killing no one but himself.

Salah Abdeslam, 26, is believed to have been the driver and rented at least two cars used by ISIS in the attacks. The week of the bombings, authorities say he had booked several rooms at a Paris hotel and paid for them with a credit card registered to his name. When officials searched the rooms, they found a “mess,” which included “several syringes” scattered around the room. Forensics are still trying to determine the purpose of the syringes.

Reports reveal that earlier this year, in February, Salah and his brother, Ibrahim, were apprehended in the Netherlands during a traffic check and fined 70 euros for possession of what were described as soft drugs. “A small quantity of soft drugs was found during the search of the vehicle,” said a spokesperson.

At the time, police conducted a background check on the two men, who were on their way to Belgium, but found no criminal history. “There was therefore no legal basis to warrant further investigation,” said the spokesperson.

Ibrahim reportedly ran a bar in Molenbeek, the neighborhood in Brussels where he and Salah lived. The bar was shutdown after police found out it was a front for illegal drug dealing, reports say. According to the closure order, the bar had been “used for the consumption of illegal hallucinogenic substances and had a strong smell of drugs and half-smoked joints at the tables.”

A neighboring shopkeeper told authorities that Ibrahim had sold drugs from the premises. “He drank, he smoked, he killed people,” said the shopkeeper. “Not much of a Muslim.”

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