Tranquility Woods

By The Fix staff 08/31/17

Tranquility Woods is an extravagant facility that offers a thorough individualized treatment program with a plethora of therapy methods. 

Tranquility Woods
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Introduction and Basic Services

Situated in Pasadena, Maryland, Tranquility Woods is a luxury treatment facility for clients struggling with substance use disorders as well as those in need of dual diagnosis support. Located 10 miles north of Annapolis, the Chesapeake Bay is a short drive in any direction, and the area abounds with historic landmarks as well as the United States Naval Academy. Tranquility Woods provides an individualized program to treat the entire person. The curriculum is expansive, with a vast array of evidence-based therapies as well as holistic and experiential methods.

Facility and Meals

The Tranquility Woods facility is situated in a 16,000 square foot luxury on 23 acres of protected Maryland woodlands. Creeks border two sides of the stunning campus, and the grounds are perfectly landscaped. The mansion provides world-class comfort and plenty of amenities so that clients can focus solely on their recovery. With only 15 clients at a time, clients experience both a private and communal environment. Residents enjoy private rooms equipped with plush furnishings and brilliant views. Bathrooms are shared and include whirlpools. In addition, there are plenty of common areas as well as rooms for yoga, acupuncture and a sauna. The campus offers beautiful amenities like walking paths, a saltwater swimming pool, hot tub and several fire pits.

An on-site professional chef prepares a menu with a focus on a healthy and nutritious diet. Dietary preferences and restrictions are accommodated.

Treatment Protocol and Team

Before beginning treatment, clients undergo a comprehensive assessment to help determine the most effective customized treatment program. If needed, Tranquility Woods coordinates a detox process with a partnering program. The lengths of stay in residential treatment vary depending on the specific needs of the clients, with a minimum stay of 30 days and a recommended length of 90 days.

Tranquility Woods utilizes an individualized program that synchronizes classic evidence-based therapies with holistic methods. Residents participate in up to seven sessions of individual therapy a week as well as daily group therapy. Counselors facilitate group sessions using evidence-based methods like CBT, DBT and 12-step. In addition, the program facilitates psychoeducation and relapse prevention as well as holistically-minded treatments like acupuncture, equine therapy, exercise, meditation, nutritional guidance and yoga.

A key component to sustained long-term recovery is aftercare. Tranquility Woods offers up to 12 months of follow-up support to assure a client’s success. Family involvement is highly encouraged. To this end, family education and counseling are offered as well as visitation every Sunday.

The Tranquility Woods team is comprised of a nursing staff, physicians, addiction counselors and consulting psychiatrists. The facility is equipped to provide dual diagnosis support.

Bonus Amenities

Additional therapies include sauna therapy, chiropractic therapy and adventure therapy. Clients enjoy outdoor activities like golf, hiking, boating, bowling, horseback riding, cooking and art classes as well as trips to the zoo, historic Annapolis and Baltimore Inner Harbor to visit galleries and restaurants.


Tranquility Woods is an extravagant facility that offers a thorough individualized treatment program with a plethora of therapy methods. The estate is remote and the accommodations top of the line. While the typical clientele includes executives looking for a discreet environment, especially considering its close proximity to Washington, DC, this deluxe rehab is a great option for anyone seeking a comprehensive program in a tranquil setting.

Tranquility Woods

171 A Ryan Rd

Pasadena, MD

(410) 881-6226

Tranquility Woods Cost: $30,000 (30 days; insurance accepted). Find Tranquility Woods on Facebook, Twitter and Google+

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