Tahoe Revival Retreat: Finding Deeper Connection

By The Fix staff 07/17/18

“I believe recovery is an invitation to challenge our old way of thinking and expand our perspective on every level.”

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Noelle Van Vlierbergen is the kind of woman you want to know. She’s engaging, smart, and the founder of Sober Moxie, an online resource and coaching practice for women in recovery. She has over 20 years of experience in HR and executive coaching, in addition to being an integrative health and addiction recovery coach, a service she offers exclusively to women in a one on one setting.

She’s also a best selling author. Her book, The Sober Leap-Practical Wisdom To Create An Amazing Life Beyond Addiction, was released in paperback this past June. Along with her coaching blog, she has created The Spark Salon, an inspiration hotspot for women who want to ignite their lives. And by early September of this year, Noelle will be launching The Day by Daybook on Amazon, a one of a kind navigational tool created specifically for women in recovery.

We first learned about Noelle through our coverage of Sober Moxie. Now we’re thrilled to help her spread the word about a new life changing experience she’s offering. September 28th through October 1st of this year, she will be hosting the first ever Tahoe Revival, a retreat for women in recovery taking place in beautiful Lake Tahoe, California.

Noelle decided to organize this inspirational adventure as a way for women in all stages of recovery to connect more deeply with others who are working through the ups and downs of their journey. And though Noelle typically works with clients who are recovering from drugs and alcohol, she also welcomes those in recovery from other addictions.

Apart from being a connection point for women, the focus of the retreat is to help them access their strength and identify their ‘bigger why.’ “We can't truly heal until we engage in something greater than ourselves,” Noelle says. “Addiction is a very self-centered disease, so the first step in moving forward when we come out the other end, is to re-acquaint ourselves to the world around us and establish our place in it as strong, sober women.”

The retreat will be intimate, capping out at seven people, and includes some pretty amazing perks. The group will be staying in a luxurious lakefront home and enjoying delicious meals prepared by a local chef. There will be daily yoga, fireside chats, and fresh air to ignite the senses. In addition to the group-coaching environment, each participant receives two individual coaching sessions, one pre- and post-retreat.

The high-end experience is intentional. Noelle states, “As women, we tend to put ourselves last and a revelation we make in recovery is that in order to evolve and show up fully for others, we need to make our own well-being a top priority. So, I wanted to create a comfortable respite for those who rarely have the chance to get away and indulge, while doing the important inner work that often gets neglected. A little extra TLC allows participants to really let go and focus on healing.”

As she explains, the real growth happens when we raise our own expectations. “I believe recovery is an invitation to challenge our old way of thinking and expand our perspective on every level,” Noelle explains. “Addiction came into our lives for a reason. To build our strength so we could become catalysts for change. Whether it’s learning to love yourself, changing patterns that are keeping you stuck or finding the courage to forgive, these all build a foundation for making a broader impact within yourself and the community around you.”

Recovery, as she points out, can be incredibly lonely at times. While most of us do our best to stay engaged with others, it's easy to get lost in the sea of social media exchanges and text messaging, and forget what it’s actually like to sit down in front of a person and have a one on one conversation. This retreat opens the door to build a deeper community of like-minded individuals. As Noelle aptly puts, “The energy that is harnessed when you gather a group of women together to support one another on this path is indescribable. I’m beyond excited to watch the miracles unfold as each participant learns to see themselves in a new light.”

This experience is designed to be both healing and transformative. She reiterates, “In recovery, we often get so caught up in self-reflection that we neglect taking time to recognize how much we’ve already learned and how primed we are for sharing what we know. Once we awaken in sobriety, we can’t ignore the opportunities that are awaiting us to live more profound and purposeful lives.”

The Tahoe Revival retreat will not only give women a chance to unplug and recharge their body, mind and soul, but will also allow them the space to tune into their intuition, dig deeper into themselves and unleash the power they always knew was inside of them.

It is truly an opportunity of a lifetime.

If you have further questions regarding the retreat, please email [email protected].

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