Store That Sold Hemp Chews, CBD Oils For Pets Shuttered By E-Commerce Site

By David Konow 06/01/18

"We all know that it’s completely asinine that CBD is a controlled substance at all. It doesn’t even get you high, and it absolutely has medical value."

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A couple of months ago, Shopify shuttered the account of Treatibles, a company that sells popular hemp chews and CBD oils for pets, claiming the company sold products in jurisdictions where marijuana is illegal.

Treatibles, which is based out of San Francisco, was founded by Julianna Carella. As Carella tells The Daily Beast, she began creating hemp products (which have the medical benefits of cannabis and extremely low amounts of THC) when she found out her clients were feeding the company's marijuana products to their sick pets, which can be dangerous.

Carella thought she could sell her hemp pet products across state lines and in Canada because they contained less than 0.3% THC, until Shopify closed down her account this April.

As Carella explains, “The biggest problem with Shopify cutting us off like that is that suddenly it made it impossible for our customers to purchase the product, when, in many cases, they need it for their animals’ health and well-being. Many of our customers are using this product to help eliminate seizures.”

The head of corporate communications for Shopify told The Daily Beast in response: “We investigate material reported to us and take action if it violates the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). In Canada, only licensed producers are authorized to produce and sell cannabis for medical purposes.”

With marijuana slowly becoming legal, there is still a lot of misinformation about feeding cannabis treats to your pets. Some people who take medical marijuana think they can give it to their cats and dogs, but THC can be harmful to them.

A 2012 study showed that many pets living in Colorado suffered from marijuana toxicity after medical marijuana became legal, and last year, the ASPCA’s poison control line saw a sizable increase in handling pets who ate marijuana.

While CBD oil has reportedly had positive effects in treating epilepsy in kids and pets, it is still considered a Schedule I drug, which Carella finds absurd.

“We all know that it’s completely asinine that CBD is a controlled substance at all,” she says. “It doesn’t even get you high, and it absolutely has medical value. We’re not out there getting teenagers stoned. We’re getting dogs with seizures to stop having seizures. We’re getting cats with high anxiety to stop freaking out on anybody who comes to the door. We’re doing nothing but good for these animals.”

There’s still hope on the horizon for Carella and Treatibles. Marijuana should become legal in Canada soon, and the Hemp Farming Act is trying to take hemp off the Schedule I list as well. 

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