Sober Clubbing Debuts At Hottest Venue in Miami

By Britni de la Cretaz 02/24/17

Sober clubbing has been making waves and gaining fans all over the world and now, it’s come to Miami.

People dancing.

Sober clubbing has been making waves and gaining fans all over the world and now, it’s come to Miami. In a city known for its nightlife, this is something entirely new: Daybreaker, the early morning dance party, debuted at LIV nightclub on Wednesday morning.

The event arrived after over 4,000 people emailed Daybreaker about coming to the South Florida city, co-founder Radha Agrawal told the Miami New Times. “LIV then approached us to partner, and we are excited to help tell a different story and define a new way to connect and self-express.”

Instead of booze, there is coffee and fresh juice to sip. Instead of ingesting drugs, partygoers can choose from an assortment of breakfast items. And instead of dark and brooding music, the soundtrack is fun and cheery. “We play deep house, soul house, funk house, disco house — anything that is happy, nothing dark or angry,” Agrawal said.

The goal is for folks to start their day off right, inspired by joy, mindfulness, and intentionality. Daybreaker has even turned down sponsorships from energy drink companies in the past, with co-founder Matthew Brimer telling NBC News that it goes against everything they stand for.

"We want to take out all the bad stuff associated with clubbing: the drinking and self-destructive behavior and mean bouncers, and just bring people together," Brimer told NBC News last year. "There's no guilt whatsoever here. You can tell your grandmother about Daybreaker." The events begin at 6am, just hours after the club's late-night crowds have gone home and crawled into their beds. At just $20-$35 per ticket, it’s an affordable event. Past events have boasted 400-500 attendees.

The lineup for the Miami launch included yoga with “rockstar yogi” Pablo Lucero from 6-7am, and the signature dance party from 7-9am with beats from DJ Alyx Ander—ending in time for folks to head to work. “We are definitely an alternative at the moment, with the goal of making morning life and sober dancing a new normal,” Agrawal told the Miami New Times.

The idea being that starting the morning off with dancing and movement releases endorphins and other happy chemicals, so people can start the day off on a positive note.

“Our goal is to bring Miami together with more mindfulness, wellness, mischief, self-expression and camaraderie,” their Eventbrite said. “With everything going on in the world these days, we need it more than ever.”

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