Sinéad O'Connor Completes Rehab For '30 years Of Being a Weed Head'

By Victoria Kim 10/27/16

"It’s a miracle I wasn’t on every drug..."

Sinéad O'Connor Completes Rehab For '30 years Of Being a Weed Head'

Sinéad O’Connor is headed to a sober living facility for the next year, after recently completing rehab for her decades-long weed habit.

In the early hours of Sunday morning, the Irish singer-songwriter announced the news on Facebook. “I was in rehab by the way. For thirty years of being a weed head,” she wrote. “Can proudly state I now have clean piss and will be in a ‘sober living environment’ for the next year.”

The sober home is “complete with [a] support system,” something that O’Connor has been lacking lately. “0-18 years in Ireland and then 34 years in music business and the shit that’s gone on for the last year…it’s a miracle I wasn’t on every drug in sundry.”

O’Connor has also been recovering from hormone replacement surgery. She wrote about the pain in her liver, which was accidentally cut during the procedure. Her last post from Sunday morning took a turn for the worse. “Fuck. Gotta go to emergency. Liver all fucked and killing me. Can’t breathe properly [it’s] so sore,” she wrote. 

“Am posting as am lonely. Story of life. Wish was not so alone in world. Gotta be worth something to someone after all these years and after all [I’ve] given. Am so shocked to be so all alone.”

The 49-year-old global icon has had a rough year. It’s not the first time O’Connor has publicly struggled with suicidal ideation. In 2007, she spoke with Oprah Winfrey about attempting suicide on her 33rd birthday in 1999. And she has continued to reference suicide on social media.

In May, O’Connor made headlines after she went missing in the Chicago area. She was eventually found, and took the opportunity to write a biting open letter to her ex-husband and children. “You left me to die,” she wrote. “Every one of you had better pray I die. Because I’m suing the fucking lot of you for what you’ve done to me if I manage to live through it.”

With her new commitment to sober living, now O’Connor has the chance to reflect and rest from the turmoil in her life. 

“What a fucking year,” she wrote on Sunday morning. “Been treated so bad it’s a miracle I made it. But I did. And I’m proud I did. And I will always. Because God is good.”

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